Creating Light Through Yoga

Rachel sharing practice with nature in Snow Canyon, Utah. Credit: David Wirt Photography
Creating Light Through Yoga: Yoga is a winding path meant to lead us to the present moment. How fascinating is a journey meant to show us to the now? The journey takes us everywhere, yet we eventually learn that what we are working towards through our practice is to awaken to the present moment and embrace the now with all of its beauty, grace, grief and ugliness, and everything […]

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—John Sarbo

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—John Sarbo. Another incredible Centered City Yoga teacher we are incredibly fortunate to have teaching with us! John is a 1,200 hour certified yoga therapist. We are incredibly blessed to have him with Centered City Yoga. He specializes in teaching truly restorative yoga classes.
Within the body of these special restorative classes students learn:

Breathing techniques to release stress and soothe the nervous system
Beautiful meditation routines to keep one present
Explore kind physical routines to create a balanced healing environment for […]