Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Sarah Elizabeth Levitt

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Sarah Elizabeth Levitt
With the completion of 2017, merging into the beginning of 2018, I am delighted to share a teacher highlight of Sarah Elizabeth Levitt. Sarah has been with Centered City Yoga for well over a decade! She is dedicated and lovely. Her teaching and soul radiates a shining a light of a truthful authentic yogic heart. We are blessed and so very fortunate to have Sarah Elizabeth with us.
Sarah Elizabeth has been a student […]

Happy New Year 2018 Yoga Challenge!

Happy New Year 2018 Yoga Challenge! 
Happy New Year Dear Yogis! We LOVE helping our students find ways to fully realize the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. For 2018 we are offering the chance to earn a 6-month unlimited regular class pass for FREE! This way you will have the opportunity to experience the best Utah yoga studio, with excellent yoga teachers to guide you through your practice.
There are two free 6-month passes available you can earn. Join us for a […]

Centered City Yoga Studio Manager Highlight— Amanda Rush

Centered City Yoga Studio Manager Highlight— Amanda Rush  For our teacher highlight in December, I thought it fitting to officially introduce our new Centered City Yoga studio manager, Amanda Rush. Our Salt Lake City yoga community is blessed to have her! She is not a yoga teacher (yet!), but is every bit as imperative to keeping our studio flowing as smoothly as possible. Her presence at the studio has been fantastic. I have received so many great comments about her […]

YOGA AS A PATH TO SOCIAL JUSTICE with Erin Meyer, PhD., & Sarah Elizabeth Levitt

Discover your own passion and drive to impact and promote positive social change.
Taught by Sarah Elizabeth Levitt, AS, E-RYT, C-IAYT and Erin Meyer, PhD, E-RYT, C-IAYT
40 hours, $550 | Centered City Yoga
Saturdays, 9am – 4pm, with a 1-hr lunch.
January 27
February 10
February 24
April 7
May 5
May 19
June 30
Yoga and meditation are instrumental in facilitating social change. Gandhi’s non-violent resistance movement, rooted in Yogic principals, later inspired Civil Rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr., and anti-apartheid activist, Nelson Mandela. Yoga and […]

Ayurveda with Arun Deva

Ayurveda Week with Arun Deva

DATES: January 13-19, 2018
Experience a week of:
Emotional Intelligence Workshop • Vinyasa Krama Yoga • Ayurvedic Consultations
with Master Practitioner, Arun Deva, DASc, AYT
How do we understand the emotional body? In āyurveda the mind begins in the heart, reaches downwards into the gut and upwards into the brain. The connections are easy to see as seats of instincts, feelings and sensation/thought. All our instincts and our rational thinking revolve around the mediating emotional state. When our emotional state is one of creativity, […]

Yoga 101 Workshop, with Olin Levitt, Saturday, January 6, 9:00AM-1:00PM

This workshop is for:
1) Beginning students who would like to prepare themselves for entry-level classes at a yoga studio.
2) Yoga students who want to brush up on fundamentals and/or take their practice to the next level.
3) Yoga teachers who are interested in learning how to teach beginning-level students.
All participants will participate in our 9:00 a.m. “Intro to Yoga” class, which will follow a standardized and highly effective framework for teaching beginning-level students.
Following this class, there will be a 3-hour interactive […]

Ring in the New Year with A Special Kundalini Practice with, Guruprasad Singh, December 31st, 6:00-8:30PM

Harness the energies of the New Year. Meet the challenges of the time with wisdom and grace
This Kundalini Yoga workshop gives you a way to understand the energies we will encoutner of the next year and how to practically blend and channel these energies to connect with you own creativity, highest love and inner wisdom.
Led by amazing Kundalini Master, Guruprasad Singh
Investment of $30 pre-registration, $35 day-of

Anatomy of Habit: Every habit speaks a need, with Blake Cason, December 19th, 7:15-8:45PM

What’s the deal with those patterns and habits in your life?
Especially the ones you know aren’t working that well. Why are they so… sticky? So difficult to catch and even harder to stop ourselves? While habits can seem like a strange mystery of compulsion, they can be rearranged! Learn how to strengthen positive habits, realign those that aren’t serving you, and how to create willpower and discipline in your life.
Come ready for clarity and actionable insight. Reflective activities, tips, resources, […]

Achieving Goals Like a Boss: Desire-driven and value-based with Blake Cason, December 18, 6:30-8:00PM

So, you’ve looked around your life and seen some areas for improvement. Maybe you wrote them down, maybe you read books and got started. Felt great out of the gates, got to work and saw some changes… and, then… the intention slowly fizzled. Why? You know that the change will benefit you and have accomplished things in the past?
Learn the big differences between simply setting goals and making them part of our lives until there are completed. Using research-proven tools […]

Intuitive Eating: I’m sorry what I said when I was hungry with Blake Cason Date: December 17th, 11:00AM-12:30PM

Ever been there? Stress-eating over the kitchen sink?
Scarfing junk food because you forgot to pack ‘healthy snacks’ and are certain starvation in near? Explore your relationship with food, mindful eating and how to hear your bodies cues for hunger and appetite.
Come ready for clarity and actionable insight.
Reflective activities, tips, resources, and discussion in a safe place.
Facilitator Blake Cason, MS, RYT-200, IWC, is a wellness coach with 10 years of experience helping others find a life they are in love with.
This […]