Centered City Yoga Studio Manager Highlight— Amanda Rush

Centered City Yoga Studio Manager Highlight— Amanda Rush  For our teacher highlight in December, I thought it fitting to officially introduce our new Centered City Yoga studio manager, Amanda Rush. Our Salt Lake City yoga community is blessed to have her! She is not a yoga teacher (yet!), but is every bit as imperative to keeping our studio flowing as smoothly as possible. Her presence at the studio has been fantastic. I have received so many great comments about her work already. Do say hello to her smiling face next time you come in to share your yoga practice!

Amanda is originally from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. We are blessed she and her husband Travis have chosen to call Salt Lake City home, after spending time in Grenoble, France, and then Birmingham, Alabama. Upon moving to Salt Lake City, Amanda first started with CCY as a student and loved it so much, she knew she wanted to work here.

And as often happens when serendipity offers its finest gifts, we realized we needed a new front desk manager at the same moment Amanda reached out. We love and appreciate Amanda’s dedication to the studio. Her organization and people skills are wonderful, and she is bringing so much joy to the studio, and of course our wonderful students and staff, through this Holiday season.

Amanda loves of spending time in nature and enjoys hiking and simply being in the mountains any time possible. She is looking forward to more snow flying so she can snowboard. A side note that made me extra fall in love with her; she adores cycling for fun, and commuting by bicycle. You can find her riding around town as often as she can find an excuse. She commutes via two wheels to the studio almost every day, and is also an avid runner!

A trip to Moab was a recent experience of Amanda and her husband. They are in love with that mighty little town, and are already planning their next trip.

Amanda has practiced yoga for 15 years and is planning to explore teacher training next fall! It is always so wonderful to have a manager who also understands yogi needs and perspectives. We are so grateful to have her.

From Amanda, “I am excited to be a part of Centered City Yoga. I found the studio when I moved to town 6-months ago and decided it was where I wanted to work. I am so grateful it actually happened!”

Thank you so much for joining our wonderful studio, Amanda! Our sweet yoga community is blessed to have you.

~Love, Rachel