Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Lisa Krussow

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Lisa Krussow  
Wow! Summer has been busy. I’m still happily breathing into each sun kissed summer day. Sometimes I wish I could capture the light sun next to my heart, and hold its’ warmth to my skin when the cold grey of winter comes, with the rotation of the axis of the Earth. But alas, yoga is all about letting go to create space for what is now in our presence. As summer, through the beckoning rhythms of the way, begins to glance towards autumn, our human rhythms match the softening pace with grace as we consistently share our practice. With great delight, I am loving getting back into the groove of a little less travel, and a lot more posting about our phenomenal yoga teachers at Centered City Yoga. To learn about all of our teachers, go here!

This week I want to share more with you about Lisa Krussow. Lisa is a godsend to CCY in her own very special way. Until now, she has been our class substitute extraordinaire! She is skilled in many areas of yoga, and teaches an outstanding class, regardless of style. She is clear, engaging and dynamic. She pays attention to each student, while skillfully assisting all to find their best way into their yoga practice. She is a well-loved yogini at Centered City Yoga. We love Lisa!

I am happy to announce that beginning July 25th, Lisa has offered to teach a very special class regularly. She is offering core and restore Tuesday mornings from 8:45-10:00AM! Of course she will continue to sub for our other experienced teachers. Please try her class out and learn for yourself the depth of knowledge she offers each student. Sign-up here for classes

Lisa has a fantastic career of adventure outside of her teaching. She is an archaeologist! She is married to a wonderful man, Mick. And she loves nature. Her way with words is lovely. Please read her message to you here:

Hi, I’m Lisa Krussow and I just agreed to teach my very own class at CCY! I’m so very excited for this opportunity. I turned to yoga during my undergrad career to help with stress and body issues. And because I wanted to learn more, that summer (2007) I completed my yoga training with D’ana at CCY and I have been coming to the studio ever since.

My favorite thing about subbing classes is meeting the community members of CCY. I love having to teach different styles and come at a variety of times because every time it’s different. I’ve met so many amazing people this way. When I teach, I strive to create a string of movements that bring a smile to my students’ faces. And if I can challenge my students; getting them deeper into a pose or placing them into a pose they never thought they could do, that’s the best feeling ever. It is also a wonderful experience to verbalize a comment, suggest, or structural element and see how that changes a person’s pose into something beautiful.

Outside of yoga, I’m the Lead Field Manager and a Project Manager at SWCA Environmental Consultants. All that means is that I’m an archaeologist. We run around the Great Basin and Southwest and survey or excavate for evidence of past human activity. It’s an amazing job and it’s wonderful to be outside. On our off days, my husband, Mick, and I are often seen creating crazy backpacking trips, camping, going on river trips (Mick is a river ranger), traveling someplace amazing, or finding a warm beach. We are originally from the Northwest and have been in Utah for 16 years.

I am grateful for Lisa’s presence and teachings at Centered City Yoga. She is a lovely teacher with so much to share! The light, yet richly deep energy Lisa brings to our studio is priceless. Thank you Lisa, we love you! Sign up for your next classes here

LOVE, Rachel