Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Maria Radloff

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Maria Radloff: To say I am delighted to share about Maria Radloff is an understatement. Before I dive in, I have a fun background story!

Maria and her family!

My personal primary background in yoga is of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System (traditionally spelled Astanga). It is an 8-limbed lineage carried through time mostly via parampara, meaning direct knowledge passed from teacher to student. Like most timeless paths of great depth, the more knowledge and practice is cultivated, causes one to realize there is infinitely more to learn.

Such has happened with me. I am constantly studying each new day through my personal practice, reading and simply living life, while learning to apply what my yoga practice teaches, to life. Over the last 10 years I have yearned for a teacher nearby who could help me with the Sanskrit language, and yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda.

Just over a year into moving from Salt Lake City, to St. George, I kept seeing on social media pages a girl named Maria who was offering to teach Sanskrit in Salt Lake City. I was so sad! How could I have wished for a teacher with that knowledge for so long, only to have a teacher appear right after I relocated? Fortunately the Astanga community is small and lovely. Through all of my yoga friends, I often received tastes of Maria’s talents, her shining personality, and the depth and quality of her yoga practice and wisdom.

When I purchased Centered City Yoga in January of 2017 serendipity sent Maria straight into my life. Finally! Everything I imagined about her is true and more! She does all of the graphic design work for Centered City Yoga! Maria also designed our current website. And very soon we will have beautiful Centered City Yoga T-shirts and tanks available for our students, designed by Via-Maria!

Maria is a now teaching for our Yoga Soul Mentorship teacher training program, has single handedly brought Astanga back into our studio, and is helping to bring Ayurveda into the studio. We are so fortunate. And I finally have a Sanskrit teacher! She is among the best of Utah yoga teachers. The Salt Lake City yoga community is incredibly blessed to have her!

Another fun story is two of my husband, Eric Martin’s, most influential teachers are also Marias, out of Scottsdale. The late Dave Oliver, and his lovely wife, Cheryl Oliver, who to this day continues the legacy they began together. If you are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Phoenix, please seek out Cheryl! She is divine.

Now more about the lovely Maria Radloff!

Maria learned from Dave and Cheryl Oliver in Scottsdale, Arizona starting in 2008. This is where she was introduced to chanting and Sanskrit, which initially she did not embrace! But the Astanga appealed to her due to the challenging nature of the practice, including all of the “tricks”

Astanga appealed to me due to the challenging nature of the practice, including all of the “tricks”, but what keeps me going to the practice is the philosophy and the adjustments. —if you want to learn what she means, go to her class!

Maria’s Italian Greyhound family

Maria was taught the sequence as well as all of the pose names, and what those names meant. I’ll leave the rest to her wonderful voice!

Maria teaching Ashtanga in the “Crown Studio” at Centered City Yoga

It took me my entire 20 minute drive from downtown Phoenix to Scottsdale to learn the pose name “tiryan-mukhaikapada-pashcimottanasana. The first chant I ever did in Sanskrit was Om Namah Shivaya. I was told to listen, whisper, and then chant three times with my teachers. The most important thing that I learned from my teachers was about adjusting. Making sure everybody gets hands-on adjustments, but still accommodating those who don’t want one in a special way. And, to listen to intuition.

I wish I could have learned how to tell a great story for my yoga classes, but those cards just weren’t in the deck. My teacher was THE storyteller. There was always a story or lesson in shavasana, and sometimes there were entire yoga classes dedicated to just listening to Richard Bach stories.

Maria teaching Ashtanga in the “Crown Studio” at Centered City Yoga

Maria’s teaching history:

I have taught at Centered City since 2011.

My style of teaching is a mix of guidance, nurturing, entertainment and quiet. I feel like life is hard work, so when somebody finds 75 minutes to come to my class, I want it to not only to offer the benefits of yoga, I want to infuse it with happiness, fun, and sharing. Why teach dharana when it’s hard enough to get through yamas and niyamas?

Maria’s Italian Greyhound family

Yoga Extra Curricular Activities!

I study Sanskrit on a weekly basis with a teacher in Phoenix, AZ

I am currently enrolled in an Ayurvedic Counselor program through Kerala Ayurveda (Fremont California)

I teach for a few local yoga teacher training programs, which is the best part about being a yoga teacher!

Maria’s incredible work ethic paves way to much needed naps, at lest for her puppies

Outside the Yoga Studio!

I am a graphic designer, specializing in design for yoga studios and teachers, healers, artists, non-profits and small businesses. I like to support people who are making a difference in the world.

I have three Italian Greyhounds, one of which is a 5-month old puppy! I love to walk them to the Coffee Garden.

I absolutely adore flowers. Red Butte Garden is my beloved sanctuary. I went there last year doubled over with appendicitis just to see the orchid show. I tore out the entire front lawn of my house to plant a garden of white flowers.

I love hiking City Creek Canyon. I take my three girls and as I walk, I chat with the universe. I’m writing a book about all the internal conversations. I constantly wonder what’s beyond the No Dogs Allowed sign. I also love the other City Creek…who doesn’t like walking dogs through the mall?!”

We are truly blessed to have Maria with Centered City Yoga. Our entire Salt Lake Valley is blessed with her knowledge and love, as she unconditionally shows love to all students and teachers of yoga.

Maria’s Italian Greyhound family

Maria’s current teaching schedule:


Wednesdays 5:15- 6:30PM

Fridays 4:15-5:30PM

Thank you Maria so much for your love grace and happiness you share to all you touch!