Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Oli Levitt!

Olin Levitt

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Oli Levitt! As the owner of Centered City Yoga, I have to step back regularly to marvel at the expertise our teachers embody, not only as the best yoga teachers in Utah, but also in the other colorful light giving facets of their lives. Each excellent yoga teacher at our sweet studio seeks to share goodness and light in myriad ways in order to assist each human they touch, in marvelously balancing ways.

Yoga is not just about finding your way through a pose. Yoga is about using your breath and cultivating consciousness through practice. Our teachers embody this. If you have a teacher who lives what they teach, it becomes clear by working with them in  the powerful ways their knowledge transcends the practice into grace and wisdom.

Olin Levitt is an exemplary example of this culture of our studio. He loves to help others find their best self. He has a meaningful career teaching middle school students empowering mindfulness practices! Oli’s classes are thoughtful, kind and filled with the energy of metta (loving kindness). He truly inspires his students to live to their greatest potential. And he has a fantastic charismatic energy. He is amazing!

My personal experience of Oli is one filled with respect, grace and infinite humanitarian love. Every time I think of him, I smile and notice my expanding heart of joy.

Oli currently teaches three classes at Centered City Yoga. He is a fantastic teacher for beginners and seasoned yogis. I highly recommend you try his classes. You will adore him and his teaching. The beauty of his classes is they are truly accessible to all. If you haven’t tried Qi Gong, please do. You will be amazed at how it positively influences your yoga and other mindful practices!

Here is Oli’s Current Class Schedule 

Wednesday 6:00-7:00pm Qi Gong ~ Oli co-teaches this beautiful mindful movement class with his sweet Sarah-Elizabeth

Saturday: 7:30-8:45am Yoga for Stiffer Bodies 

Saturday: 9:00-10:00am Free Intro to Yoga 

True Warrior of the Heart in Centered City Yoga’s Beautiful Crown Studio!

Please read below a message from Oli, to you!

Hi I’m Oli,

I began my yoga journey as a teen in the turbulent sixties with the purchase of a book called “Yoga For Perfect Health” by Alain. Using this book as my guide, I started a yoga and meditation practice on the floor of my bedroom. My first session was profoundly impactful as I felt peace in my body and mind as never before. Fifty years later, I continue to approach each new session as an opportunity for opening and growth.

“Yoga For Perfect Health”

I’ve been utilizing yoga as a therapeutic tool with children ever since I received my doctorate in school psychology thirty years ago. I love my work and also serve as director of a school-wide mindfulness program at West Jordan Middle, a school comprised of dynamic and heart centered administrative staff and teachers. As a result of our collective effort we are building a new world, one precious student at a time. Sharing my love of yoga with others, whether they are young in body or mind, is a privilege. I also enjoy incorporating a taste of qigong, which I began studying eight years ago, into my classes.

Oli, Yoga with Kids

Another passion includes my relationship with Nature, which I’ve been deeply connected to, since my early days as a child in the magical land we call Michigan. My family and loves, Sarah-Elizabeth, Alexis, Jack and Perry-Layne, also mean the world to me.

Grandeur Peak

International travel has become a fun, new interest, where I have the opportunity to continue my play in the world of form, such as walking across Abbey Road in my bare feet.

Oli on the Storied Abbey Road

I am so very grateful to be part of the CCY family under the leadership of Rachel and Eric, who are steering our sacred space with dignity and grace.


Olin Levitt

I thank you, Oli, for being a part of Centered City Yoga. Our communities are stronger, more balanced, and filled with love because of your presence and teachings.