Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight–Roger Coulombe

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight–Roger Coulombe. Celebrating wonderful people is one of my favorite aspects of being the owner of Centered City Yoga. Today I am honored to speak about our amazing power yoga teacher, Roger Coulombe. Roger is one of those beautiful humans who always makes everyone feel good just simply by being around him. He exudes a strong, yet deeply kind presence. His classes also carry that energy.

Like many, Roger awakened to the profound benefits of yoga through a hard moment of life. He was drawn to the healing power of yoga while recovering from a serious injury.  During this time of healing, he also studied many esoteric disciplines and techniques to rebuild the human body.

While living and teaching in Los Angeles, Roger developed a private practice based on these regenerative abilities and became a highly sought after healer. This in combination with in-depth, dedicated yoga training allows him to identify areas that need healing and strengthening- not just the body, but for the mind and energetic existence. The Salt Lake City yoga community is clearly fortunate he relocated to Utah!

Roger’s unique yoga classes are vigorous yet regenerative to build muscle, flexibility, and mindfulness. He also spends a lot of time creating perfectly complementary music lists to help carry you to your greatest potential in each class you take from him. You will love Rogers classes if you are interested in getting into deeper aspects of your yoga practice. The classes are fluid, balanced and will challenge perfectly to create freedom in your body, mind and soul.
Students of Roger happily rave about how much they love him. Recently a dear Centered City Yoga student chatted happily to me about how much she loves what Rogers classes do for her.
She then sent me a quote:
Roger’s yoga classes are challenging but so well paced that by the end of the class, you know that you have had a great workout and are feeling both relaxed and energized.  Quite a powerful combination!  ~D. Caldwell
I highly recommend you try Rogers classes. His current schedule:
Power Stretch Vinyasa 7:15-8:30PM

Power 1 & 2 8:45-10:00PM


Power 1 & 2 6:00-7:15PM

Power Stretch Vinyasa 7:45-9:00PM

Link to Roger’s weekly classes 

      ~Love, Rachel