Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Shannan Hansen

You know how sometimes you experience a perfect string of events provided by life, just at the absolute time of necessity? When everything syncs together almost in a state of serendipity? That is how I met Shannan Hansen. Just about a month before she joined Centered City Yoga as our incredible studio manager, I met her quite by accident (destiny?). She had expressed on a teacher forum how she wanted to collaborate on a yoga gear and clothing swap. I had been thinking of putting one together at the CCY as well. As soon as I saw her wish, I reached out and offered to host so we could join our efforts. By the way, this yoga swap will happen soon! Keep your eyes open for information!

The next morning, one of our phenomenal teachers at Centered City told me he wanted me to meet this woman who would be a perfect studio manager. We talked, and when he told me who is was he was thinking about, I learned it was this same woman! Wow. I was getting curious. A few days later I had yet another yogi tell me I needed to meet her.

Indeed, we had a lovely meeting. I instantly knew Shannan would be a perfect fit for our studio. But we already had a studio manager so we decided that if things ever changed at CCY and we needed a manager I would reach out. Just a few short weeks later, we learned we needed a new studio manager. That very evening, Shannan stepped in. Fast forward one month later. I couldn’t imagine our studio without her! She is on the ball, smart, assertive, organized and is beginning to shine as a true leader. She also happens to be a fantastic yoga teacher as well. Try her classes, she is an amazing!

I am at a loss for the right words to describe properly how much I love Shannan at Centered City Yoga. We are truly blessed!

Teaching background: Shannan Hansen, 500E-RYT, invites you to come back to yourself—back to your own body and back to your personal intuition. Her energetic and approachable teaching style allows you to move through your physical and spiritual yoga journey in a deep and meaningful way, and all at your own pace. Shannan’s studies in a wide range of yoga styles, combined with 15 years full of yoga teaching experience offer you something new and exciting to learn in each class. She teaches Power Vinyasa Flow and Restorative Yoga in Millcreek and also teaches at local festivals and retreats in SLC. She also travels to teach in international yoga festivals, such as the Copenhagen Yoga Festival in Denmark. In addition to yoga, Shannan has four children and enjoys skiing, hiking and camping with her family. Yoga keeps her grounded and centered throughout her busy, full, challenging and joyful life.
Learn more about Shannan on her website! 

Personal information: Shannan has been teaching yoga for 15 years. She practiced with D’ana Baptiste clear back when she was still teaching in Alpine out of a house! Shannan is a single mom to four children, One biological, and three adopted. They are the coolest little people on the planet. Shannan is divorced but has a lovely partner, he is a wonderful part of her life. She also has two cats that I am pretty sure consider her their pet!

Shannan’s family is Danish. She lived in Denmark for 18 months in her 20’s for an LDS mission. She has since found another spiritual path, but is so grateful for her mission. She continues to cultivate wonderful ties to Denmark. She still speaks Danish, is obsessed with all things Denmark, and is teaching at a Danish festival in August.

A favorite yearly event for Shannan is she is a seat filler for the Emmy’s in LA every fall. She has done this for the past seven years!

If you notice the studio being more organized, and bright. Please thank Shannan. She is a true gift from the Universe and I am so happy she is part of CCY as a teachers and studio manager!

From Shannan: “I am happy to be at CCY. Managing the studio is 100 times easier than managing my four children!”

Shannan is often at the studio helping in the front lobby. She can also be found in the studio teaching empowering classes:

Express Tuesdays and Fridays 12:00-12:45PM

Stiffer Bodies Saturdays 7:30-8:45AM

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