teacher training

We offer a variety of classes…for beginners to experts. We also offer every flavor…power, restore, vinyasa, family and more. Peruse our list of classes, and then visit our schedule!

Intro to Yoga

Fun, informative, friendly & FREE! Demystify Yoga and bring familiarity to the next class you take. 60 minutes

(listed in order of ease)

Yoga Nidra

An ancient and transformative relaxation/reboot for the mind. A practice to support shift, growth, and change. A“remover of karmic bonds;” a deeply layered “pattern interrupt.” 60 minutes

Just Breathe

An hour of power breathing. Increase your lung capacity, energy level, concentration, and brain power! 60 minutes


A guided meditation creating healing, stress reduction, and greater personal power and presence. 60 minutes

Yoga & Qi Flow

Strengthen body, mind & spirit. You will leave feeling energized, rejuvenated & centered. 60 minutes

Yin Yoga

Targets connective tissue. Nurtures healing by holding supported poses for increased duration. Slow, deep, quiet. 75 minutes


Reclaim your energy, vitality, and sanity in this gently relaxing, deep stretching class. Get loose! 75 minutes

Gentle & Juicy

1/2 dynamic, 1/2 restorative-a well-rounded yoga practice, including breath work, detailed alignment in standing postures, and supported restorative poses using props. 70 minutes

Soft Flow

Traditional yoga poses linked together with gentle flowing transitions to leave you energized and massaged. 75 minutes

Stiffer Bodies

Dynamic flow series followed by deep overall stretching (with props) for the stiff body. Learn the basics. 75 minutes


Shorter flow class to quickly energize your day. 45 minutes


Alignment, Attitude, and Action based class – open to Grace in this precision alignment, heart themed, challenging class. 90 minutes


Sri K. Pattabhi Jois’s unique/traditional vinyasa series. 85 minutes

Yoga for Athletes

Open your hips and shoulders, stabilize your joints,support your spine, balance your musculature, and stretch out. 75 minutes


Core is the most concentrated class on the schedule because (while your whole body does still work) we continuously target the muscles that support your spine, your internal organs, and a deep diaphragmatic/intercostal breath. It is a strength based practice (rather than a stretch) designed to uncover your inner strength (rather than build extrinsic muscles.) It’s challenging but people are pretty addicted to it because it really does feel good to be strong and stable the inside, which encourages freedom and openness in the rest of the body. Give it a try! 75 minutes


The best of both worlds; get Dana’s consolidated core class, followed by a long stretch for the second half. 75 minutes

Ghosh Fusion

The well known “26 poses” hot routine, broken down and infused with alignment, levity, and spontaneity. 80 minutes


Ana Forrest’s unique strength based, in your face, series. 80 minutes


Dance of Shiva & Shakti. Perfect blend of discipline & release, belly dance and yoga, yin and yang. 75 minutes


A workout for the central nervous system, focused on freeing energy in the body through specific movement, breath, mantra. 90 minutes


For moms–to-be; nurture, prepare, and connect. 75 minutes

Yoga Kids

Fun yoga for children ages 4 – 9. 60 minutes

Teens & T’weens

Yoga geared to the “over 9” set. 60 minutes

Power Hour

One hour of non-stop vinyasa flow. 60 minutes

Power Unplugged

A class we offer for those of you who want to flow…slowly. Experience the workout without the need for speed. 75 minutes

Power One

Movement linked with breath to strengthen, stretch, and stabilize your body. Oxygenate your cells, cleanse your system, inspire your spirit . . . all while sweat drips off of you! 75 minutes

Deep Power

The opposite of momentum based movement, this slower class challenges you to move with deliberate intention, practice presence in the face of sensation, hold poses longer, and go deep. 80 minutes

Power 1 & 2

Still the same flowing power class; a tad (okay, maybe more than a tad) more challenging and sweaty. Includes inversions. 90 minutes

Yoga Groove

Set to music, this candlelit, vinyasa flow class emphasizes breathing, concentration, deep stretching, and chillin’. 75 minutes

Vinyasa Restore

A viniyoga based restoration. This class is for you if your desire is to gently build strength while increasing mobility. 75 minutes