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We offer a variety of classes…for beginners to experts. We also offer every flavor…power, restore, vinyasa, family and more. Peruse our list of classes, and then visit our schedule!


Intro to Yoga

Fun, informative, friendly & FREE! Demystify Yoga and bring familiarity to the next class you take.

(listed in order of ease)

Yoga Nidra

An ancient and transformative relaxation/reboot for the mind. A practice to support shift, growth, and change. A“remover of karmic bonds;” a deeply layered “pattern interrupt.”

Just Breathe

An hour of power breathing. Increase your lung capacity, energy level, concentration, and brain power!


Learn techniques for resting the mind and attaining a present state of consciousness. Meditation is the means for fathoming all the levels of ourselves and finally experiencing the center of consciousness within. Meditation is a science, which means that the process of meditation follows a particular order, has definite principles, and produces results that can be verified. Practice what you learn in this class!

Mindful Movement and Meditation

This class emphasizes the concept of mindful movement by linking traditional yoga poses together with gentle transitions, while focusing on the breath. You will then move into guided meditation and relaxation to complete your practice, leaving you prepared to take on the day.

Qi Gong

A holistic Chinese practice that integrates breath-work with flowing movements to clear stress, increase energy, and improve health.

Yin Yoga

Tibetan form of Yoga. Targets connective tissue and gravity is used to facilitate poses. Nurtures healing by holding poses for increased duration, using props. Very meditative. You gauge the intensity of each class for yourself. A slow, deep stretch. A good class for balancing power-type classes and for cross training.


This is your opportunity to slow down from daily life while giving the senses a rest by reconnecting with body, mind, breath and soul… Restore Yoga is for everyone looking to experience a healing, nurturing environment while replenishing the physical and mental aspects of the body. The use of supporting props will be incorporated into the practice allowing one to relax a little longer in each pose.

Soft Flow + Restore

In this all-levels welcoming practice, you will enjoy a soft flow practice, accessible to all ability levels, for the first part of your practice. Then the class shifts to restore. This class will unwind stress, revitalize your energy and uplift your spirits so you feel healthy, vibrant and centered after class. Perfect for every level of experience, every body shape & size, for those who just want to stretch & move in a positive, empowering way.

Soft Flow

Gentle vinyasa flow class. Meaning traditional yoga movement linked with breath, but soft.

Stiffer Bodies

This class is for anyone wanting to slow down the process of opening, while still gaining strength. It is a slower paced class by design where props are utilized in the best of ways, and each student has the time to really find their best place in their postures in each new moment. Core engagement is key while learning to slowly open tight muscles in a comfortable environment. This class is great for yogis wishing to transition to power classes, very tight bodies, and anyone on their way back from an injury wishing to practice yoga and slowly regain strength and flexibility.


45-minute class devoted to our yogis who either love a lunchtime yoga rejuvenation session, or are pressed for time. Here you will destress, while finding presence in our strong power-based sequencing, while still leaving time to leave you with a refreshing short savasana. 45 minutes


Follows the philosophy that all beings are inherently good. It honors the art of living in harmony with nature and the world around us. Anusara is a heart opening practice that focuses on love, beauty and spiritual wellbeing through attitude, alignment and action. A creative and active style of Hatha yoga, Anusara classes help you refine alignment and increase flexibility and muscular strength. Each class is a unique expression of the instructor that provides an uplifting experience and thoughtful connection between the physical and spiritual virtues of yoga.

An integral part of Anusara yoga is the “Universal Principles of Alignment:”

  •      Opening to Grace
  •      Muscular Energy
  •      Inner Spiral
  •      Outer Spiral
  •      Organic Energy


Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga is the precursor to Power Yoga. It’s a traditional, powerful practice that is called Yoga Chikitsa in Sanskrit – Yoga Therapy. Using forward folds, back bends and twists, the spine becomes mobile and decompressed. Heat is internally generated to allow the body to become more flexible. Ashtanga uses conscious breathing, energy locks and a gazing point to work on the subtle body – healing emotions, mind/thoughts, creating more focus and energy. This sequence of vinyasa yoga comes directly from Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore India. The ashtanga name was inspired by Patañjali’s Yoga Sutras, as the practice is offering the 8 limbs of yoga in order to deepen one’s connection to Self. And at a minimum, you’ll leave class feeling stronger, balanced, and energized! This class is all levels, although some general yoga experience is a must.


Are you Ayurveda-curious? Ayurveda is the sister science to yoga. It will help your yoga lifestyle and understanding grow immensely. We are excited to offer a new class that explores the yogic lifestyle and practices. Learn about foods, chanting, home remedies, daily routines, cooking, and more! Ayurveda is learning how to live by the rules of nature. Find out how much this can impact your health and happiness! This is a discussion based class.

Yoga for Athletes

This is a fun core-based class focusing on balancing the entire kinetic chain to keep athletes in the top of their sport. This class integrates movement, strength, and breath to help students access maximum efficiency and performance. You will improve balance, flexibility, strength and focus, while reducing injuries and recovery time. This yoga class is also perfect for anyone with tight hips and shoulders. It is also great for yogis needing deep stretches in common tight areas while building a sweat.

Run + Flow

Our new running & yoga class is open to all levels. It will include 30 minutes of running in the park, followed by 45 minutes of yoga specifically for runners. At the end of class you will have received cardio, strength training, balance work, breathing techniques, flexibility, and relaxation. During each yoga session, health facts, nutritious recipes, and coaching tips will be offered. A total mind, body, soul workout!

Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP) In Studio

Want to take your practice to a new level and challenge those stabilizer muscles that often get ignored? Indoor studio SUPYoga will challenge your core by taking your practice to an unstable surface mimicking that of being on a paddle board in the water without getting wet! With a vinyasa style we’ll explore the same asanas on the board that you would on your mat. Bring an open mind and your sense of humor! ~Please note there is space for 20 in this class, 10 students on boards and 10 students on mats! Please come a bit early to set up. You will put your mat on top of board. If you do not get a board, the class is still a blast!


This yoga class takes an in-depth look at your center. Learning to move from your center will help you become stronger from the inside out, on all levels! You will challenge your proprioceptive body while working your abs, your back, and your buns! This is the most core concentrated class on the schedule!  Move at your own pace and over time you will develop your deep core which will serve you in the studio, and your other life activities.


Yes you can have the best of both worlds. The first half of this yoga class takes an in-depth look at your center. Learning to move from your center will help you become stronger from the inside out, on all levels!  Move at your own pace and over time you will develop your deep core which will serve you in the studio, and your other life activities. The second half will be gentle and restorative, with a nice long savasana finish. You will leave feeling empowered, yet relaxed!

Ghosh Fusion

The well known “26 poses” hot routine, broken down and infused with alignment, levity, and spontaneity.


You cannot stay the same when you practice Kundalini Yoga. The very nature of what we do is to awaken the energy of consciousness, to practice in a way that sheds light on our self-imposed limitations, and invites us to think out of the box and develop our intuitive mind. Being able to live from our intuitive mind is one of the main goals of a Kundalini practitioner. Practitioners cultivate the creative spiritual potential of a human to uphold values, speak truth, and focus on the compassion and consciousness needed to serve and heal others.You will study with delightful Kundalini Master, Guruprasad Singh


Prenatal yoga will prepare you for both the joys and challenges of childbirth and new motherhood. You hold within you an innate wisdom that intuitively understands the natural progression of birth. We help you reconnect with this wisdom, guiding you through a class specifically designed for the journey of pregnancy, as well as addressing therapeutic applications.

Yoga Kids

Fun creative yoga for children ages 4 – 9.

Teens & T’weens

Yoga geared to the “over 9” set.

Power One

Stems from Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga, linking breath and movement into an active practice. Incorporates sun salutations, strong holds, core strengthening and possible optional entry level inversions or/and arm-balances.  All levels of practitioners benefit from challenging sequences and meditative aspects of the practice, while consistent practice bears witnesses to a strengthened body and mind. Expect to sweat!

Power 1 & 2 

Stems from Ashtanga-Vinyasa Yoga, linking breath and movement into an active practice. Incorporates sun salutations, strong holds, core strengthening and optional inversions or/and arm-balances.  Intermediate level practitioners benefit from the challenging sequences and meditative aspect of the practice. Through steady consistent practice, the student witnesses a strengthening body and mind. Expect to sweat!

Power Hour

Just like the power 1 & 2 classes, but set into 60 minutes of focus and sweat.

Power Stretch Vinyasa:

This unique power class builds the heat slowly with an extended warm-up to truly allow you to find space in your postures. Once the body is fully warmed, with metabolism burning, you will move into strong dynamic postures with short holds to keep the feeling of a slow memorable dance through your practice. It is through experience that you will fully understand the magic of this beautiful practice.

Deep Power

Power class, only deeper. Move slower, hold poses longer, revel in your breath. The opposite of momentum based movement, this class teaches you how to move with deliberate intention, and hold poses longer for a much richer experience. 

Yoga Groove

Vinyasa flow power class focusing on movement and connection to breath while flowing to a soulful music playlist. You will leave feeling sweaty, rejuvenated and energized!

Vinyasa Restore

This class will build strength and incorporate a few more restorative poses.  Lots of work on mobility in the spine, a few extra childs’ poses.  Be ready to build some heat to a slower flow.  Hard and soft.



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