Creating Light Through Yoga

Rachel sharing practice with nature in Snow Canyon, Utah. Credit: David Wirt Photography

Creating Light Through Yoga: Yoga is a winding path meant to lead us to the present moment. How fascinating is a journey meant to show us to the now? The journey takes us everywhere, yet we eventually learn that what we are working towards through our practice is to awaken to the present moment and embrace the now with all of its beauty, grace, grief and ugliness, and everything along the spectrum of emotion and experience.

We learn that each breath in our journey can clear the dust off our hearts and allow us to shine as we courageously open to our true potential and embrace it. This is how we create light, not just for ourselves, but for all we touch along our way. The tao, if you like–of you.

Each time we step upon our mats we enter a conscious journey. This journey on a 10-12 square foot space is scientifically designed to show us the strength each human has within. The sun salutations, balancing, twisting, folding all fueled with breath, leads us to the truth. Our truth.

The truth is, we all matter. Each human has an impact on lives in each moment. We are the butterfly effect. This life as we know it would not be the same without each sentient being. Me and you, and us.

We learn through our practice to be present and accepting of uncomfortable moments. This ultimately expands to how we learn to live and see our life. The deeper we dive, the greater the impact becomes. One big shining light, sometimes seen, and others not.

Just because we practice yoga consistently, it does not mean we become immune to the human condition. In fact, life will continue to challenge us on deeper and deeper levels. But just as we learn increasingly difficult yoga poses, we discover how we can breathe deeply into all space within and outside of our bodies and our lives, to work through hard times, and appreciate the good times. In fact, we may realize there are spaces to breathe we had not previously understood were there!

If we do not have the experiences we label as “good,” mixed within those we label as “bad” or “hard,” we might forget the delicate balance life presents to us of growth and expansion, even in the midst of turmoil. Wow!

My personal yoga practice has taught me patience and humility. I have learned through my practice that broken hearts heal. I have learned that life wants us to grow and learn as humans—and because of this we are refined continuously. I understand that even when we have suffered through devastating grief and hardship, eventually this gives way to the diamonds inside of our souls, if we open our hearts and eyes to allow the light, our light, to shine. Life becomes full and colorful. It is not necessarily easier, but we do learn we can call into our lives who and what we need to feel supported as we journey.

Purchasing Centered City Yoga is one of the biggest practices of yoga I have experienced yet when I look at humanity. Over many years I have endured deep personal trials, on and off my mat. I have helped many along my way, and I have also received much support from beautiful humans and nature. My wish and intention is to breathe through the comfort and discomfort that comes with owning and running Centered City Yoga. I pray I can serve our students and amazing community with kindness and steadiness.

My vision with Centered City Yoga is this:

I will share the truth of yoga by offering places of sanctuary where students of all backgrounds and body types and abilities can come to experience yoga, while embracing: 





Cohesive energy

All to embody heartfelt light and balance. C to the 5th power 

I invite all who currently practice, all who wish to begin a yoga practice, and all who one day will be influenced by yoga—to join me in inspiring all we touch. Through community and a willingness to step into our practice, both on and off the mat, we create increasingly more beauty in this world. Our world of wonder. If you wish to embrace a community ready to hold you in return, I would love and welcome you to yoga. I invite all who seek to discover their true nature, to join me on the mat at Centered City Yoga. For all who currently share your lovely practices with CCY, I thank you.

See you on the mat.