Joan Kottler—Celebrating Kneeotech Yoga Pants, While Protecting Your Knees!

The Lovely Joan Kottler!

Centered City Yoga student, Joan Kottler—Celebrating Kneeotech Yoga Pants, while protecting your knees!  

Very soon we will be carrying Joan’s amazing Kneeotech yoga pants at Centered City Yoga!

At Centered City Yoga we love to celebrate our students through their progress and commitment to their amazing dedicated practices. We also feel inspired as we learn about and applaud the different skills and gifts our students embody, as they seek to enrich and bless the lives of others outside of our studio walls. This is part of our vision:


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Temria Airmet models Kneeotech Pants

Recently I learned about one of our longtime students, Joan Kottler, who happens to be the founder and president of a lovely company that helps to support our knees in yoga! Her company is Evolution Activewear, LLC. Joan has dedicated years to designing Kneeotech pants, which feature built in protection in the knee areas to help make practice more comfortable and accessible, while minimizing the need to use blankets, or fold mats for more support in certain asana (poses). Website is here!

PC: Kate Crews Linsley – Dance Department Chair – Waterford School

From Evolution Activewear:

Do you love yoga but not the knee pain? Then you need Kneeotech! What is Kneeotech?

Kneeotech yoga pants with padded knees are designed to comfort and support your knees without compromising style and fit. Kneeotech, originally innovated for yoga, has huge crossover application. Wear Kneeotech for yoga, Pilates, dance, hiking,  gardening,  physical therapy,  under your ski/snow board pants,  or wear them just because they look and feel great on the body.

Kneeotech is made with High Quality performance fabric.  Our patented knee zone is lined with moisture management fabric. Kneeotech is currently available in three styles and are competitively priced.

  • Bootlegs–$89
  • Capris–$84
  • Leggings–$92

Our garments are an investment in quality and our Classic style stands the test of time. American Made , Kneeotech is proudly manufactured in Utah!

Invest in yourself; give your knees a break. Save your knees and experience kneevana! 

Follow Evolution Activewear on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @evoluactivewear

PC: Allison DeBona Tilton – First Soloist Ballet West

I am very excited to carry Joan’s products. Sometimes my knees are sensitive, and I hear each day about many of our students who struggle with knee pain when they are asked to bear weight on their knees in select poses. I love that Joan’s Kneeotech pants will be helpful solution for so many yogis!

~Love, Rachel