Kids Yoga with Libby – Winter Wonderland Series

January 11th-March 22nd
Thursdays, 4:30 – 5:45pm
For Kids Ages 5-9 years old

Kids of all ages enjoy Libby’s engaging, dynamic, and whimsical teaching style. She guides students in a playful, yet structured, manner as they are given opportunities to develop a wide array of skills including; problem solving, active listening, self-reflection, mindfulness, and increased body awareness and confidence.

What Will Students Be Taught & How? Through the art of story-telling, analogy, and creative visualization young learners will be gently guided as they learn basic yoga postures, gentle stretches, partner activities, and collaborative games. Activities will engage and encourage students to utilize and develop creative thinking processes, problem-solving skills, and empathetic and compassionate ways of interacting with one another. Students will be introduced to strategies designed to help develop a greater sense of calm, increased attention span, presence, and a focussed awareness of their body and breath which they can utilize both in and out of the studio.

Content rich, high interest, theme-based topics form the foundation for each 75-minute class session. Students will be introduced to some of the winter “wonders” occurring in the natural world around them through movement, story, music, play, and hands-on projects related to class content. Classes are taught as a series, however, students may join at any point throughout the 11 class sequence.

Who Will Kids Learn From? Kids of all ages will feel welcome in Libby’s classes as they are invited into a warm, engaging, purposeful, and fun atmosphere. Libby’s sincere commitment and heartfelt desire to support all learners combined with her background in education, psychology, yoga, meditation, and diverse experiences in her work and life create a teaching style that comes from the “head and the heart”. Differentiating instruction to meet the diverse needs, learning styles, and interests of the students she works with makes teaching both rewarding and exciting for Libby.

Libby holds her kids yoga certification for ages 2-7 with additional training modules completed for teaching learners ages 8-14. Her personal yoga practice officially began in 2005 and she quickly developed a deep appreciation for the many benefits it brought into her own life, as well as, for the teachers who shared their knowledge, time, talents, and compassion with her. Her experience with yoga combined with her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of California, Berkeley, Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education, and Master’s of Education from Westminster College in Salt Lake City, UT create an outstanding foundation from which to teach children yoga from.

For more information please contact Libby directly via email at or call the studio at 801-521-9642

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