Centered City Yoga 2018 Yoga Challenge Winners

Centered City Yoga 2018 Yoga Challenge Winners ~ I love to share the powerful practice and teachings of yoga, truly with all of my heart. Through many years of my own evolution through practicing yoga, as well as teaching thousands of students over time, I have learned something so very important. It can be hard to get into the rhythm of a regular practice. And if one cannot practice with consistency, how will the student of yoga embody the full blessings […]

Happy New Year 2018 Yoga Challenge!

Happy New Year 2018 Yoga Challenge! 
Happy New Year Dear Yogis! We LOVE helping our students find ways to fully realize the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. For 2018 we are offering the chance to earn a 6-month unlimited regular class pass for FREE! This way you will have the opportunity to experience the best Utah yoga studio, with excellent yoga teachers to guide you through your practice.
There are two free 6-month passes available you can earn. Join us for a […]

Black Friday Specials at Centered City Yoga

Hello! We love the holidays and want to ensure you can join in the fun with our weekend of Gratitude savings. Read here to learn all about our Black Friday Specials at Centered City Yoga. We selected these specials with the intention of creating the most cost effective ways for our treasured students to enjoy Centered City Yoga in 2018! With these specials you will have the ability to learn from the best yoga teachers in Salt Lake City.
You will […]

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Oli Levitt!

Olin Levitt
Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Oli Levitt! As the owner of Centered City Yoga, I have to step back regularly to marvel at the expertise our teachers embody, not only as the best yoga teachers in Utah, but also in the other colorful light giving facets of their lives. Each excellent yoga teacher at our sweet studio seeks to share goodness and light in myriad ways in order to assist each human they touch, in marvelously balancing ways.
Yoga is not just […]

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Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Brooke McNaughton


Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Brooke McNaughton  Highlighting our fantastic yoga teachers one-by-one on this blog is one of my favorite things to write about as the studio owner. Each teacher is experienced, professional and of the best in Utah. It also allows me to speak about the other facets of what brings these teachers happiness and passion in life outside of the yoga studio.

For this post, I am thrilled to tell you more about Brooke McNaughton. She is one […]

How to find a quality yoga teacher

This is my Astanga yoga teacher, Manju Jois. It took me 25 years of practicing yoga to find him and discover he is my teacher. I have had many other very influential teachers, but my heart knows Manju is meant to be the one I learn the deepest meanings of life teachings of yoga through.
How to find a quality yoga teacher
 A wonderful quality teacher can mean everything to a yoga practice. This is especially important during the first few years […]

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Jason Lawner!

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—- Jason Lawner!   With the Yoga Journal coming to Centered City Yoga September 2nd, it makes perfect sense to highlight Jason Lawner. Yoga Journal will be at the studio with freebies and sharing their magic, with a highlight class taught by Jason at 9:00AM. This special day is not-to-miss! Jason will teach his precise, functionally accessible Power 1 class on this amazing morning. You will learn proper mechanics with breath, muscle engagement and bone alignment. He […]

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Lisa Krussow

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Lisa Krussow  Wow! Summer has been busy. I’m still happily breathing into each sun kissed summer day. Sometimes I wish I could capture the light sun next to my heart, and hold its’ warmth to my skin when the cold grey of winter comes, with the rotation of the axis of the Earth. But alas, yoga is all about letting go to create space for what is now in our presence. As summer, through the […]

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Shannan Hansen

You know how sometimes you experience a perfect string of events provided by life, just at the absolute time of necessity? When everything syncs together almost in a state of serendipity? That is how I met Shannan Hansen. Just about a month before she joined Centered City Yoga as our incredible studio manager, I met her quite by accident (destiny?). She had expressed on a teacher forum how she wanted to collaborate on a yoga gear and clothing swap. I had been thinking […]

Aparigraha. The Art Of Non-Clinging, or Letting Go. It is a Yama Practiced in the Ashtanga Yoga Lineage.

Dear Yogis,
Life has taught me deep lessons, yet again! The current lesson is aparigraha. The art of non-clinging, or letting go. It is a Yama practiced in the Ashtanga Yoga Lineage.
Since purchasing Centered City Yoga in January of this year, my life has felt like an extreme roller coaster.  I was living in St. George. I had my own sweet yoga studio, Yoga Soul, to care for.  The rhythm of my life was finally for the first time ever, very […]