Centered City Yoga 2018 Yoga Challenge Winners

Centered City Yoga 2018 Yoga Challenge Winners ~ I love to share the powerful practice and teachings of yoga, truly with all of my heart. Through many years of my own evolution through practicing yoga, as well as teaching thousands of students over time, I have learned something so very important. It can be hard to get into the rhythm of a regular practice. And if one cannot practice with consistency, how will the student of yoga embody the full blessings […]

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Sarah Elizabeth Levitt

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Sarah Elizabeth Levitt
With the completion of 2017, merging into the beginning of 2018, I am delighted to share a teacher highlight of Sarah Elizabeth Levitt. Sarah has been with Centered City Yoga for well over a decade! She is dedicated and lovely. Her teaching and soul radiates a shining a light of a truthful authentic yogic heart. We are blessed and so very fortunate to have Sarah Elizabeth with us.
Sarah Elizabeth has been a student […]

Happy New Year 2018 Yoga Challenge!

Happy New Year 2018 Yoga Challenge! 
Happy New Year Dear Yogis! We LOVE helping our students find ways to fully realize the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. For 2018 we are offering the chance to earn a 6-month unlimited regular class pass for FREE! This way you will have the opportunity to experience the best Utah yoga studio, with excellent yoga teachers to guide you through your practice.
There are two free 6-month passes available you can earn. Join us for a […]

Aparigraha. The Art Of Non-Clinging, or Letting Go. It is a Yama Practiced in the Ashtanga Yoga Lineage.

Dear Yogis,
Life has taught me deep lessons, yet again! The current lesson is aparigraha. The art of non-clinging, or letting go. It is a Yama practiced in the Ashtanga Yoga Lineage.
Since purchasing Centered City Yoga in January of this year, my life has felt like an extreme roller coaster.  I was living in St. George. I had my own sweet yoga studio, Yoga Soul, to care for.  The rhythm of my life was finally for the first time ever, very […]

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Maria Radloff

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Maria Radloff: To say I am delighted to share about Maria Radloff is an understatement. Before I dive in, I have a fun background story!
Maria and her family!
My personal primary background in yoga is of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System (traditionally spelled Astanga). It is an 8-limbed lineage carried through time mostly via parampara, meaning direct knowledge passed from teacher to student. Like most timeless paths of great depth, the more knowledge and practice is cultivated, causes one […]

Joan Kottler—Celebrating Kneeotech Yoga Pants, While Protecting Your Knees!

The Lovely Joan Kottler!
Centered City Yoga student, Joan Kottler—Celebrating Kneeotech Yoga Pants, while protecting your knees!  
Very soon we will be carrying Joan’s amazing Kneeotech yoga pants at Centered City Yoga!
At Centered City Yoga we love to celebrate our students through their progress and commitment to their amazing dedicated practices. We also feel inspired as we learn about and applaud the different skills and gifts our students embody, as they seek to enrich and bless the lives of others outside of our studio […]

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Heather Sky

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Heather Sky
I am loving highlighting our amazing teachers who dedicate their lives to helping us all learn to intelligently work with breath, movement and consciousness. This brings presence and peace to each moment in our lives. Our yoga practice not only helps us to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually on our mats; we also through time begin to naturally take our precious practice off the mat, and into our world. It takes well-trained teachers […]

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight–Roger Coulombe

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight–Roger Coulombe. Celebrating wonderful people is one of my favorite aspects of being the owner of Centered City Yoga. Today I am honored to speak about our amazing power yoga teacher, Roger Coulombe. Roger is one of those beautiful humans who always makes everyone feel good just simply by being around him. He exudes a strong, yet deeply kind presence. His classes also carry that energy.
Like many, Roger awakened to the profound benefits of yoga through […]

Creating Light Through Yoga

Rachel sharing practice with nature in Snow Canyon, Utah. Credit: David Wirt Photography
Creating Light Through Yoga: Yoga is a winding path meant to lead us to the present moment. How fascinating is a journey meant to show us to the now? The journey takes us everywhere, yet we eventually learn that what we are working towards through our practice is to awaken to the present moment and embrace the now with all of its beauty, grace, grief and ugliness, and everything […]

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—John Sarbo

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—John Sarbo. Another incredible Centered City Yoga teacher we are incredibly fortunate to have teaching with us! John is a 1,200 hour certified yoga therapist. We are incredibly blessed to have him with Centered City Yoga. He specializes in teaching truly restorative yoga classes.
Within the body of these special restorative classes students learn:

Breathing techniques to release stress and soothe the nervous system
Beautiful meditation routines to keep one present
Explore kind physical routines to create a balanced healing environment for […]