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Yoga Teacher Training

Centered City yoga teacher training is called, The Yoga Soul Mentorship Program. This training is an integration of our CCY senior teacher’s culmination of many years of experience in the yoga industry. The aim of this program is to guide you into a greater understanding of your own gifts, both in your yoga practice and in your everyday life. You will be encouraged and empowered to develop as both an individual and as a future teacher. This awareness will help you develop the skills necessary to teach from the truths you discover, rather than from someone else’s dogma. Unleash your potential. Experience the richness of yoga with the best modern day yoga has to offer. Learn how to teach from a balance of body-mind-emotion-spirit. Contact us now to receive more details!

Program Overview—Next 200-hour Yoga Alliance registered Session begins September!

We are pleased to offer a beautiful and carefully designed, 200-hour foundational teacher mentorship program featuring a strong and deep influence from prominent teachers of Centered City Yoga, and its sister studio in St. George Utah, Yoga Soul. Serious students of yoga wanting to deepen their practice, as well as yoga practitioners wishing to become teachers themselves, will enjoy the well rounded quality instruction guaranteed to improve your own practice, while learning to teach safe, balanced and enlightening classes. Upon completion of your mentorship program, you will be qualified to seek certification with the Yoga Alliance. Please note, you do NOT have to become a teacher for this program. It is an incredible opportunity to safely deepen your own practice while receiving quality education about yoga philosophy, lifestyle, and how to truly create the ability for you to live your life with integrity, creative intention, and strength.

This program is unique in that it features small classes (we start each session with no more than 15 at a time), including some one-on-one mentoring from an experienced, qualified yoga teacher, holding to the important tradition of ‘Parampara’, which literally means an uninterrupted succession, denoting the direct and unbroken transmission of knowledge from teacher to student. There is no other yoga studio in the state of Utah offering a program like this.

As a student in the Yoga Soul Mentorship program, you will:

  • Participate in four immersion weekends taking you deep into the practice of yoga (these will combine with other mentorship students and possibly community members) Each weekend immersion session is designed to enhance your knowledge and hone your practice by addressing a wide range of topics including alignment, anatomy, philosophy, class sequencing, ethics, Sutra study and other reading, etcetera.
  • Experience weekly studio hours practicing, observing, assisting, or teaching.
  • Enjoy reading and other homework assignments.
  • Practice seva in the community.
  • Complete a special teaching project of your choosing.
  • During your mentorship program, you will enjoy free unlimited regularly scheduled classes for 4 months to enable you to immerse your Self into self-understanding of the yogic world.
  • Rachel and Eric, along with a careful selection of other incredibly experienced and talented quality teachers will guide you through in-depth topics of their passion and specialization.
  • Plan to spend a minimum of 8-10 hours a week in addition to the weekend immersions to complete your mentorship program in a balanced, timely manner.
  • Learn to look inside your Self and find love, acceptance, and grace. This is critical to reaching your future students and life endeavors with a full authentic heart and voice. Yoga Soul expertly guides you through this process of inquiry and growth.
  • The Yoga Soul 200 hour mentorship is a four-month program. However, if extenuating circumstances arise, you may have up to a year to complete the program.


  • Application
  • Either payment in full, or down payment with payment plan in place
  • Signed Contract
  • Purchase required reading books:
    • The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali (many translations, choose your favorite)
    • Yoga Anatomy-2nd Edition, Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews
    • Ashantaga Yoga Practice & Philosophy, Gregor Maehle
    • Bhagavad Gita, Stephen Mitchell
    • Light on Pranaygama, B.K.S. Iyengar
  • An open mind and heart
  • Attend and participate in all 4 immersion weekends to cover all topics (70 hours)
  • Attend 12, 2-hour workshops integrated with the immersion weekends (24 hours)
  • Complete all homework, reading, special project (30)
  • In studio practical experience (observing, assisting, lead teaching classes/practices) (30 hours)
  • Maintain a personal yoga practice while in program, including attending classes of your mentor or other greatly impressionable teachers  (32 hours…)
  • Practice seva in the community (10 hours)
  • Complete Practicum (10 hours)
  • Exit interview (1 hour)


Centered City immersions are for everyone wishing to deepen their yoga practice and understanding of philosophy. They are also required as part of the Centered City Mentorship program and are included in your mentorship program cost. There are four sessions that will be addressed on a rotating basis. If you miss one, it will delay your mentorship completion by 4 months, or longer. Below is a tentative time frame of an immersion weekend (please note timing will vary, please check with studio to learn exact timing of immersions):

  • Friday 8:00AM-4:30PM
  • Saturday 8:00AM-4:30PM
  • Sunday 7:30 AM- 2:30PM


If you would like to learn more information or to apply for this training program, please contact us.