Ardyce Taylor

Kalari Movement Teacher
Ardyce Taylor Hi, I’m Ardyce
I moved to Salt Lake to pursue my love of the snow, but found another great love: kalari. At first I loved it because it was hard, and provided an excellent workout and compliment to my entrance into the Primary Series of Ashtanga. I was never very coordinated on the dance floor, and always felt really awkward. Kalari provided a way for me to move my whole body with expression and feel beautiful. This practice is a martial and healing art, but when I flow through the forms, it feels more like dancing with the elements to me (If you ever saw Avatar the Last Airbender, you will have some idea where I’m going with that).
When Kalari Movement announced their first ever teacher training, I took a look at what was being offered and thought, “I want to do that”. The teacher training taught me how to make this practice accessible to anyone, so that anyone’s first time will go a whole lot better than mine did!
Kalari practice has peeled away layers of toxicity, negativity, and emotional baggage in ways I never imagined it could. It gave me the strength to grow up, to leave a lousy marriage, and to be the best example I can be to my daughter. For me, the physical practice itself has healed a lifelong grumpy knee and provided a sense of security that is rare in today’s busy world.

Aside from Kalari Movement practice, I love skiing, being a mom, yoga, wildcrafting, anything horse related and mixing up herbal formulas. I was trained as a Master Herbalist from the East West School of Planetary Herbology and continue to expand my knowledge base with Kampo, Ayurveda and Western Herbal practices. Since I am not trained in the healing aspects of kalari chikitsa, I feel that my herbal training can help balance and sustain my other, more intense and fiery, practices.