Erin Meyer

Erin Meyer Erin Meyer was born in Key West Florida and grew up all over the state of California. Erin earned a PhD in pharmacology from Georgetown University in Washington in 1998. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She completed a six-year postdoctoral fellowship in neuroscience and genetics at the University of Utah and she was a research assistant professor at the University of Utah from 2004 to 2011. Erin has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years and continues to practice every day. She completed a 500-hour teacher training program with D’ana Baptist at InBody Academy she has been teaching yoga since 2006. She also studied with Rolf Gates, Christie Burnette and Anodea Judith. She is trained in Chakra Healing and she is a Heart Math Interventions Specialist ( Erin teaches science, pranayama, subtle anatomy and teaching styles for Inbody Academy. She designed a yoga relevant science curriculum for InBody Academy that includes cell biology, neuroscience, quantum physics and physiology. Her curriculum includes the science of cellular breathing and yoga from the perspective of a cell.

Yoga Classes

  • Just Breathe a night-time version of a pranayama class—yogic breathing techniques to find presence (you cannot breathe in the past or future) with some meditation at the end of class. We do some poses at the beginning to release tension and open the body to breath.
  • Breathe and Meditate this is similar to Just Breathe with a longer mediation at the end of class.
  • Yin Yoga a whole class of 6 or 7 poses focused on stretching, softening, surrendering, yielding and grounding.

I play crystal bowl tones throughout all my classes.

Yoga Schedule

  • Thursdays 7:15pm – Breathe and Meditate
  • Saturdays 6:45pm – Yin Yoga
  • Sundays – 8:00pm – Just Breathe

And Some Fun Questions

What is your yoga style?
Various styles–I do not have one particular style. I teach from everything I have learned.

Who have you studied with and who do you consider to be your teachers?
D’ana Baptiste, Rolf Gates, Christy Burnette, Anodea Judith–yoga teachers. Kenneth Kellar at Georgetown University School of Medicine–Neuropharmacology and related science.

Favorite yoga related books?
Eastern Body Western Mind by Anodea Judith and The Yamas and Niyamas by Deborah Adele

What do you seek to teach your students?
I seek to teach my students whatever they are inviting me to teach them for wherever they are at on their journeys.

Top 3 favorite asanas in descending order?
Hanumanasana (splits), Upavistha Konasana (seated wide leg), Viparita Karani (legs up the wall)

Favorite limb of yoga?
Pranayama and Pratyahara

What did you learn the last time you stepped onto your mat?
Just be.

What say you about paradoxes in yoga?
Same as the paradoxes in life.

Something interesting about you, this can really be anything at all.
1. I used to work in the pharmaceutical industry in Basel Switzerland.
2. I served as a juror twice including a trial for murder 1.
3. I was once on a small boat that was almost hit by a large ship.

What would be your superpower if you could have one. Or what is your spirit animal?
Dog or Sea Lion (really a sea dog)

Circle, Square, Triangle, Parallelogram or Pentagon?

Arbitrarily cliche question: How has yoga impacted your life?
Yoga is not separate from my life.

Two things from your bucket list.
Whale watching again (it has been some years) and finishing one of the books I have started writing.