Jocelyn Larsen

Jocelyn Larsen Some call me Joss. Cultural Anthropology student, musician, artist, legit wood elf, and yogi traveler. Originally from sunny St. George, Utah although Alaska and Scandinavia have my heart. I own and run multiple online Etsy shops where I sell everything from crystal healing jewelry to Harry Potter wands. I love learning about my ancestors and connecting to their energy by visiting their homelands. I am a student of life and energy healing. As a yoga instructor, I enjoy researching and implementing alternative healing methods to find balance in mind, body, and spirit. Using different forms of yoga movement and meditation (which is connected to nature and the wilderness), I propose healing for those who wish it. Or just a groovy time. But the groove is healing too, so take that as you may.

Yoga Classes

  • Vinyasa Restore Classes are constructed with strength, contemplation, and spiritual symbology in mind. They will be light-hearted, empowering, and include nuggets of ancient and new knowledge, crystals, mythology, energy-healing, and a slice of fantastical magic. Oh, don’t you fret, the music will be out of this world and custom-picked for each class theme. Moody tunes. Creativity is a monumental priority for life in every aspect. Let’s use our creativity to create a space for ourselves that encourages truth, the power to groove, honesty, feeling grounded to the Earth yet floating in the stars, Light, child-like curiosity and happy vibes for dayz.

Yoga Schedule

  • Thursday 5:45pm – Vinyasa Restore
  • Saturday 9:30am – Vinyasa Restore