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John Sarbo John Sarbo Bio

If you and I had the rest of our lives together I would still not know how to tell the story of who I am and how I got here.
There are far too many nuances to a life to really be able to tell the story. Maybe the following paragraphs will give you an insight into my life, hopefully it will start a question within yourself as to your own possibilities.
The Adventurer
Since I was a kid reading the tales of Tarzan, Treasure Island, the Kon Tiki, National Geographic and many more adventure stories, I longed for the life of an adventurer.
Selling just about all my possessions when I turned 21 I jumped on a plane for Europe with an open end ticket and an open mind. What a trip, alone in Europe, no destination or time frame. I lasted a month and returned home committed to this newly found lifestyle.
At 23 I drove to Alaska from ct (18000 miles!), with a good friend and decided then and there to eventually move out west and continue my story.. It has been close to 20 years since the move and I have no regrets.
I have guided on 4 continents mostly in the mountains, spent a year and a half in Europe, months in South America and literally years on the road in the USA. I have seen countries overthrown, natural disasters happen and been involved with backcountry rescues. These experiences have helped to shape and form my yoga practice and teaching of this healing art, something I look forward to sharing with you.
The Professional
I began my professional career in the outdoor industry back in 1992 managing and eventually becoming the buyer for a large independently owned outdoor store. Like many I wanted more and through a consulting relationship I was able to help open a store for an owner in the metro New York area, going on to become store manger and technical hard goods buyer for 7 years.
When I could no longer ignore the call from the west, I left New York to run an international guide service for one of the leading companies here in the states continuing on to me starting my own guide service based out of Park City Utah. For over a decade, this incredible time lead to many international tours and hundreds of days guiding in the Rocky Mountains.
Life happens and the economy collapsed forcing a change in direction and a new process of discovery.
The Yogi
I came to yoga unintentionally after floating for a few years as a way to heal myself from a lifetime of trauma that truthfully I didn’t really acknowledge or realize. Like many I suffered in silence building my walls to keep others out and continually hurting myself in the process. As my practice grew and my life unfolded I realized the power of this unique lifestyle and practice.
I enjoy Restore, meditation, pranayama and some Power Yoga finding the balance to be both healing and strength building. By combing these elements I have not only learned a lot about the human body but also about the healing process. I have brought much of that knowledge into my teaching practice as a way of helping heal and serving others.
The Student
In the winter of 2016 I completed an award winning 1200hr yoga therapy program here in Utah that will give me accreditation with both Yoga Alliance and the International Yoga Therapy Association.
My studies for my degree are nearly over and I have completed 350 plus hours volunteer teaching Vets at a local V.A. with an additional 100+ teaching seniors here at various programs locally. My focus from the beginning has been on yoga therapy and the different modalities that can be used in that practice.
My education continues beyond the requirements for graduation as I have taken additional immersions, trainings, V.A. education and gone on retreat to learn more about this art and science. I know how important it is to stay humble and acquire knowledge over the course of my lifetime.
I look forward to sharing this journey with you,