Parth Gandhi

Parth Gandhi Parth has been practicing Yoga since he was a child.  Growing up Hindu and Buddhist offered many opportunities to attend temple and worship through a physical Asana practice, as well as develop an intellectual and spiritual practice through Meditation. He came to Utah for graduate school in Neuropsychology and then lived in New York City. He returned to make Sugarhouse his home in 2006. 

Parth is a seeker of Truth and Light and believes Yoga has the power to heal physical and emotional wounds.  He practices daily and seeks to help people through a thoughtful and mindful practice that encourages emotional and physical exploration. He has a deep love and understanding of Anatomy and as a result of injuries, he learned about proper alignment of the physical body and developed a love for Ashtanga Yoga, which informs his teaching of Vinyasa. 

Parth teaches Pranayama, Meditiation, and Vinyasa Flow.  

Who have you studied with and who do you consider to be your teachers? How long have you been practicing yoga?
Denise Druce, Scott Moore, D’ana Baptiste. I have been practicing my whole life, but seriously since 2009.

What do you seek to teach your students?
To be their own Guru…  To find beauty in everything…  To find Calm in their chaos on their mat and off

Top 3 favorite asanas in descending order?
Ardha Chandrasana

Who is your favorite fictional character of all time? Or your favorite novel.
Hobbes, from Calvin and Hobbes

Something interesting about you.

I’m a car knut…  

Two things from your bucket list.

Go to Bali
Jump out of a Plane

Favorite limb of yoga?