Yoga, Katrina Reynolds and Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC

Katrina and her pup, Marley

Yoga, Katrina Reynolds and Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC. It has been an honor to learn about the lives of our dedicated Centered City Yoga family. I love to hear of students’ passions, and how all that is part off their lives influences them, thus becoming the way of it. I appreciate how yoga becomes part of a healthy lifestyle, granting limber strong bodies, and positively effecting food choices and family time, while calming workday stresses.

It motivates me each new day to see how we inspire one another as we journey on our unique paths. I am also inspired to take the opportunity to talk about more Centered City Yoga students’ businesses! Today I would love to write about my dear friend, yoga student, and owner of Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC, Katrina Reynolds.

In the wake of relentless media exposure on horrific recent domestic violence cases, I see how Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC is a perfect entity to highlight as a way to protect against domestic violence. I personally experienced up until five years ago, chronic domestic abuse and/or violence for almost a decade. It nearly destroyed me. I think about how if I might have embodied the courage and the knowledge at the time of how to protect myself, I may have experienced greater health and safely for myself, and my sweet son.

To this day, I work to finish moving through the trauma of these past experiences. I love how each day is better than the last as I resolve to heal and let go of what was, to allow a full expression of living in this present moment. I am thankful for several knowing friends, who finally understood what was happening to me, and helped me out of the situation I was in. Since then I have learned how to stand up for and protect myself. It has been a long hard road, but one I am grateful to have travelled. I now understand intimately how much many suffer behind closed doors.

Thank you Savahnna Cunningham and Heather Keth, students of Centered City Yoga and Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC, for your generosity in helping me understand more about Katrina and Krav Maga.

Katrina Reynolds and I met over a decade ago by way of her husband, Dave Reynolds, and I working together at REI. I also happen to be a massage therapist and they both became massage clients. But this was just the beginning of a lifetime friendship. We soon understood the full spectrum of commonalities, as we learned of one-another’s mutual love of bicycling, passionate caring for humanity, and strong deep-rooted beliefs— that we can live a life manifesting our true potential in all ways. This is accomplished through faith in dreams, discipline, courage and culturing of our gifts of life, as we help others along our journey. And over the past few years, Katrina has joined with me as a dedicated student to the practice of yoga, as a complement to her other life endeavors.

Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC, Katrina Reynolds

Part of Katrina’s path has been to help her students learn the true art of self-defense. She began her Krav Maga training in 1995 in New York City. She obtained her instructor certification in a 1998 instructor course that was administered by Haim Zut and certified by the Wingate Institute and Krav Maga International-Kapap. Her black belt was earned (Dan I) in 2001; Katrina was the first woman ever to receive this honor. Her black belt (Dan 2) followed in 2008, conferred by Grandmaster Haim Zut and members of the Israel Professional Committee, in Israel.

Katrina established her own school in Salt Lake City in 2005. She is dedicated to honoring her direct lineage and third generation status by continuing to follow Imi’s Krav Maga principles. The Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC School provides the highest level of Israeli Krav Maga authenticity in Utah, and her teaching ensures that the true art of Krav Maga is passed on to future students and generations.

Katrina cares about the school and her students– it is 100% genuine. She is strong, compassionate, and willing to stand up for her principles. Those are traits each student can develop themselves through her example.

Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC, Katrina Reynolds and students

Krav Maga. The Official Self‑Defense System of Israel, pronounced kräv mägä, is Hebrew for contact combat. In its truest form, Krav Maga is a self-defense system designed to answer the needs of a whole population, and it is effective regardless of a practitioner’s size, physical prowess, fitness level, age or gender.

Krav Maga promotes vigilance and awareness that enhances a person’s ability to deal with hostile situations. Safety and respect always come first. Students will also increase physical fitness, strength, self-confidence, and the ability to act responsibly in a volatile situation. For many students, Krav Maga becomes a way of life.

Students will develop the ability to protect herself/himself in violent confrontations. They will also serve students well in teaching valuable life skills. They learn discipline, self-awareness, self-respect, and the knowledge that you can save your own life during scary life situations.

The more I personally learn about Krav Maga is through Katrina’s character. She lives what she teaches. She has also taught me that Krav Maga is like yoga in that you learn to live from your own heart. Through dedication and vigilant practice, the ability to be in the present moment and act from a place of truth, ultimately shines through with grace. At its essence, I see how Krav Maga and yoga are simply different paths to fulfillment of life lived in presence, and ultimately, freedom.

Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC, Katrina Reynolds and students

At Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC, you get what you give. If you come to the school looking for an easy way to get in shape, or for a way to brag to your friends about knowing how to beat people up, forget it. If you put in hard work and dedication, there is so much reward to be gained training in Krav Maga. If you put in nothing, you get nothing. It is up to you as a student to want to learn. Kartrina is there to motivate and to facilitate, but the drive has to come from you.

Contact Katrina. Go to her website and send her an email. She will answer any further questions you have and arrange for your first lesson.

Location Krav Maga Contact Combat SLC is located near I-80 and 700 East in Salt Lake City in the Phoenix Gym. The exact address is found on her website

TestimonialKat’s dedication to the discipline of Krav Maga is the number one reason to train at the school. She upholds the integrity of what she was taught, and strives to pass the knowledge to her students as un-watered-down as possible. Kat does not tolerate any watering down, simplifying, or changing of the techniques she was tested on. All changes to technique come straight from the horse’s mouth, as it were, from Israel through official channels.

Also, Kat is passionate about teaching her students how to actually protect themselves in a real violent situation. The training at KMCC SLC is more than just drills and going through the motions. It is about each student empowering themselves to be safer in a real-life dangerous situation. Kat takes personal responsibility for sending her students into the world as prepared and protected as they can be.

I can only speak from personal experience, but I’m sure what I’ve learned is similar to most. I came looking for self-defense training as a way to better myself. I wanted to feel in control of my life and I wanted to learn about myself in the process. So far, I have learned more than I ever expected to in less than two years of training. I have learned to be more outspoken, not to compromise about my needs and wants in life, and how to control my actions and emotions in tense situations. The skills that I have learned during my training have absolutely spilled over in to the rest of my life in the best possible ways. I have learned about the strengths of my personality and, maybe more importantly, my weaknesses. 

–Heather Keth

For me to learn in many layers of depth, how so many paths have the potential of leading humans to a place of love, presence and freedom, despite what is happening in the world, brings me to tears. Thank you Katrina for sharing your amazing practice with Centered City Yoga. Thank you for living what you teach your students in caring for humanity, and teaching your gifts to those who seek the knowledge of self defense and love of life. Thank you also for seeing how yoga is a beautiful complementarily practice to your work as you dedicate yourself to humanity’s light.