Yoga Soul 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training

Presented by Centered City Yoga

Welcome to Utah’s finest 300-hour bridge program, featuring some of Salt Lake City’s most experienced teachers and trainers. If you are looking to develop into a senior level yoga teacher, this program is for you.

In this training you will experience an in-depth core curriculum that refines your teaching of yoga, pranayama and meditation. The program includes two weekends with visiting master teachers, an afternoon at the The Institute of Human Anatomy (sponsored by the U of U) cadaver lab, a weekend retreat in St. George, Utah, and 12 weekend intensives.

What sets this program above the rest is that you will experience what it means to understand and integrate yoga as a viable way to balance humanity during this contemporary time period. This will be woven into the entire program and really expressed in a powerful 40-hour workshop titled Yoga as a Path to Social Justice, taught by Sarah Elizabeth Levitt and Erin Meyer.


Nicolai Bachman and Arun Deva
Vising guest teacher: Nicolai Bachman (
• Origins of Yoga with RRR
• Yoga Sutras: 8 Limbs of Yoga
• Asana Names and Stories
• Yoga and Ayurveda Parallels
Visiting guest teacher: Arun Deva (
• Ayurveda & Yoga Therapeutics
The Institute of Human Anatomy (U of U) Cadaver Lab
Featured Workshop
• Yoga as a Path to Social Justice – Erin Meyer, Sarah Elizabeth
Yoga Styles Workshops
• Kundalini Yoga Intensive
• Restore, Yin, Soft Flow, Power Unplugged, Stiffer Bodies
• Image of Yoga: Yoga For Bigger Bodies and Special Populations
• Yoga for Better Backs
• Power Yoga
• Ashtanga Yoga
• Prenatal Yoga
Teaching Techniques (Core Program)
• Teaching Pranayama and Meditation
• Anatomy
• Sequencing
• Advanced Adjustments
• Balance Your Classes (therapeutics – injuries and specific body areas)
• Putting It All Together
Additional Workshops
• Mind & Meditation
• The Cakra System
• Vayus and Pranayama Techniques
• The Nadis, the Science of Sound, and the Chanting of Mantras
• The Science of Yoga
• Ayurveda & Yoga
• Sanskrit & Vedic Chanting
• Yoga Sutras


1. January 26-29
2. February 9-11
3. February 23-25
4. March 9-10: Guest teacher Nicolai Bachman
5. March 23-25: St George retreat
6. April 6-8
7. April 20-22
8. May 4-6
9. May 18-20
10. June 1-3: Guest teacher Arun Deva
11. June 15-17
12. June 29-July 1


Weekend Intensives – 240 contact hours
12 weekends x 20 hours each
• Fridays 5:30-9:30pm,
• Saturdays 9am-6pm (1 hour lunch break)
• Sundays 9am-6pm (1 hour lunch break)
Flexible Study and Practice – 60 non-contact hours
• 30 hours self study, reading
• 30 hours practice teaching/volunteering


• Visiting teacher: Nicolai Bachman
• Visiting teacher: Arun Deva
Rachel Cieslewicz
Eric Martin
Guruprasad Singh
Erin Meyer
Sarah Elizabeth Levitt
Maria Radloff
Roger Coulombe


EARLY BIRD PRICING: $3600, must be paid in full.
Early bird payment plans available, please email for details.

Paid in Full:

  • $3600 Early bird (by Jan 1, 2018)
  • $4200 Program price

Payment Plans:

  • $3900 Early Bird, $500 deposit by Jan 1, 2018, $567/mo x 6 months
  • $4500 Program price, $500 deposit, $667/mo x 6 months

** certificate won’t be awarded until paid in full

Price includes 6-months of unlimited regular classes of yoga at Centered City Yoga!

Please note that although we have spent a lot of time planning, organizing and booking teachers for this training, we cannot, at this time, 100% guarantee the teachers and schedule.

Some individual modules and weekends will be available to the public.


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