Power Yoga & Live Music with Rachel Cieslewicz and Ashlee Thomas

Power Yoga & Live Music with Rachel Cieslewicz and Ashlee K Thomas!  Join Centered City Yoga for a special yoga and live music class. CCY owner, Rachel Cieslewicz, will lead you through one of her dynamic, yet lighthearted Power Classes. Experience the incredible energy of professional musical artist, Ashlee K Thomas, as she uplifts your practice with her incredible live music. Stay after to mingle and view Ashlee’s music video debut, celebrating the release of her latest album. Learn more about Ashlee’s music here
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Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight–Kristina Sandi

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight–Kristina Sandi! At Centered City Yoga, I continue to be amazed with the excellence of our yoga teachers. I feel blessed to share more about Kristina Sandi this week. I am sure you will agree! Kristina grew up in primarily in rural Maryland. Yet, as the child of an American mother and a Costa Rican father, she was essentially raised between the two countries. She cherishes both countries equally.

A desire for more mountainous terrain took Kristina to West Virginia for college, where she studied Anthropology and Sustainable Tourism Development in the midst of the beautiful Appalachians. Shortly after earning her undergraduate degree, her quarter life crisis started to kick in, and she quickly realized that she didn’t have the slightest idea what she wanted to do with her life!

During t his time of moderate insanity, she reconnected with her estranged high school best friend who surprisingly quickly invited her to come live with her in Utah–a place she barely realized existed. “Just come out and snowboard for the winter. I really think you will like it,” she said.

Utah was SO not on the radar but… eh, why not? Kristina packed her car and headed out for the winter, ha! Fast-forward 6 years… Kristina’s famous Utah words, “The Wasatch did me in. I’m still here and I’m never leaving. The love I have for this landscape is something I can’t even put into words. It has enhanced me as a person and I’m so thankful for the completely random life circumstances that brought me to this community.”

Kristina’s passion for nature and adventure drives everything she does, including the way she interprets and practices yoga. “It’s my general life goal to do something that excites me every day, even if it means waking up at 4am to squeeze in an activity before heading to my 9-5 job. I stand firmly by the old expression “the early bird gets the worm,” which is why you will usually find me teaching classes at Centered City before 9am!”

When she’s not teaching/practicing yoga, Kristina entertains herself by split-boarding, rock climbing, hiking, running, or sometimes just by lying on my floor listening to music while staring at the ceiling. “I think road trips/driving long distances are a spiritual experience and I like to joke that my truck is my best friend but…seriously.”

Kristina has only been teaching regularly for a few months at this point, but clearly she was born to teach. Her strong and inspiring classes are filled with passion and positive vibes. Her extensive teacher training has been focused on Yoga Therapy, though she continues to gravitate toward power sequences.

Her style of teaching is the immersion of two approaches: Soulful empowerment for the active lifestyle, integrated with strong postures, meditation, and breath connection. You can learn more about Kristina’s yoga training here.

“Yoga has allowed me to live a life more joyous then I could ever have imagined, and to be able to teach the practice, in this community of all places, is a true honor. I hope you will join me for a practice soon!”

Kristina is a an amazing human, and outstanding yoga teacher. I highly recommend everyone who loves nature and appreciates classes inspired by the great outdoors to try her classes!



Kristina’s Current Schedule~
Power Hour:
Wednesday and Thursday 6:00- 7:00AM
Sunday 730-8:30AM

Yoga for Athletes:
Tuesday 730-8:40PM
Friday 7:10-8:20AM

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Erin Meyer

Centered City Yoga Teacher highlight—Erin Meyer! At Centered City Yoga, there is no bias– yet certainly the feeling of love and blessedness, when I acknowledge we have the best of the best yoga teachers sharing knowledge with our amazing students! To help you get to know them better, I have set an intention to highlight as many as possible! As our first in this series, meet Erin Meyer!

Erin has been teaching for more than 10 years with Centered City Yoga. We are exceptionally fortunate to have her expertise with us. First off, Erin is one of the smartest individuals I have ever met. She is also incredibly kind and humble. She is a true gift to society.

Erin Meyer was born in Key West Florida and grew up all over the state of California. Erin earned a PhD in pharmacology from Georgetown University in Washington in 1998. She has a Bachelor’s of Arts in Biology from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She completed a six-year postdoctoral fellowship in neuroscience and genetics at the University of Utah and she was a research assistant professor at the University of Utah from 2004 to 2011. Erin has been practicing yoga for more than 30 years and continues to practice every day. She completed a 500-hour teacher training program with D’ana Baptiste she has been teaching yoga since 2006. She also studied with Rolf Gates, Christie Burnette and Anodea Judith. She is trained in Chakra Healing and she is a Heart Math Interventions Specialist (heartmath.org). She regularly adds other branches of yoga to her classes–besides asana.

Erin designed a yoga relevant science curriculum for yoga teacher training that includes cell biology, neuroscience, quantum physics and physiology. Her curriculum includes the science of cellular breathing and yoga from the perspective of a cell. She is one of our senior teachers for our Yoga Soul Mentorship Program teacher training, which begins its next session March 1st!

Classes at CCY:

Move, breathe and meditate 7:15  Thursday nights &

Yin 6:45 pm Sat nights.

I feel it fitting to share a personal story of how Erin helped me through her sharing ways of her deep knowledge: I first met Erin when I was taking a 600-hour teacher training with D’ana Baptiste. Learning pranayama (breath work) and meditation from Erin was part of the curriculum. Not long into my training, I became very ill and could not practice the asana (poses) for some time. What I could do was breathe and meditate. What I learned from Erin became my primary form of practice while I healed for almost six months. Pranayama and meditation not only held space for me during my illness, I recovered faster than expected. The deep benefits of proper pranayama and meditation shone strong. I was a professional trail runner. When I was able to get back to running, I found that even though I had not been able to run for months, I picked up quickly where I left off. I also had my VO2 max tested and learned that I actually increased my lung capacity even though I had not run a step for some time. The breathing and meditation strengthened me in many ways while also keeping me centered through a hard time. To this day although I practice Ashtanga as my primary form of practice, I also incorporate pranayama and meditation each and every day. The benefits are incredible, especially when taught correctly from someone with the expertise Erin holds.

Join Erin in her classes and experience what is it like to learn from a teacher with years of training and practice of yoga. You will fall in love with yoga in ways you never knew you could!