200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings


I love teaching yoga. And ever as much, I LOVE to lead yoga teacher trainings. I am happy to tell you about my Yoga Soul 2019, 200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings at Centered City Yoga. 

Retreat Weekend at Yoga Soul in St. George, Utah

I am not one to copy anyone. Everything I put together is unique, and different than anything else anyone out there is offering in their teacher training programs. When creating my programs, I thought really hard about all of the teacher training programs I have been a student of. I then created my programs including all of the aspects of a program I believe are incredibly important. And I left out the parts that we simply time fillers, but didn’t help myself, or my peers become better teachers. 

Master Ashtanga Workshop with Jen Ren’e

The end result of my special programs are teachers who know they matter, who receive a lot of personal and one-on-one attention and mentoring, and graduate from my program with the understanding of the depths of yoga philosophy, and the ability to bring a timeless practice to all people in this current time period, 

I keep my programs small. Anywhere from 5-12 students on average. All of our teachers become good friends. Even though through they come from very different backgrounds, and have uniquely different intentions for stepping onto the path of a yoga teacher training program. I believe fully what I offer is the best yoga teacher training program in the western United States. 

Learning Proper Prasarita Padottanasana with Eric Martin

I have successfully led 2x a year programs since 2013, and love with all of my heart, to guide these wonderful students of yoga into realizing their potential as humans, while also becoming beautiful teachers of yoga. 

Within the Yoga Soul 200 and advanced 300 hour teacher training programs, teachers develop self-confidence. They learn to live with courage in their hearts, and to step into their power to bring forth their authentic voice. As part of each program, teachers in training have time for private mentors, learning of Sanskrit basics, intelligent sequencing, adjusting postures perfectly, and understanding what it means to teach from the heart. I also offer a retreat with each training, and a 6-month unlimited pass to our beautiful studio.

Ayurveda with Anjali Deva 

Along with myself, and amazing local teachers, the 200 and 300 hour yoga teachers in training also learn from yoga masters, who are well-loved on an international level! This next year students will learn from Michael Gannon (200 hour trainees), Nicolai Bachman (200 & 300 hour trainees), David Swenson (300 hour trainees), and Srivatsa Ramaswami (300 hour trainees, and fall 200 hour program trainees)!  These amazing world renown teacher’s workshops will also be open to the public! 

A few testimonials from past students: 

“I am so grateful for the opportunity I had to study yoga history, philosophy, anatomy and safe sequencing, with an emphasis on personal reflection and self-driven reading and journaling to attain a more personal connection with the yoga lifestyle. I gained a deeper understanding of my love and passion for yoga and the roots from which it was born and has evolved into through American culture. Rachel’s mentorship has completely changed my life and my ability to share the practice of yoga with others in a safe environment with the education to explain what I’ve learned and will continue to learn on my yogic life path. I will be forever grateful for crossing paths with Rachel and for the exchange of information, love, and SOUL that she has committed herself to sharing with the world.” ~L.J.

“I am an incredibly shy person, hate being in front of people, so when I started the program I wasn’t sure if I would really end up teaching. Rachel had us teaching from Day 1, she helped me find my voice, my confidence and step into my light. When I went to teach my first “real” class I felt more confident than I ever had in my life! This program was life changing for me and I cannot wait to start teaching! ” ~L.F. 

“I am very grateful for my training and mentorship from Yoga Soul and Rachel. I highly recommend this program to any aspiring teachers. I am excited for my future as a yoga teacher!” ~C.B.

Friends Forever Developing Human Connections at the Heart Level

If you would like more interest, or to sign up, please email rachel@centeredcityyoga.com and I would love to set up a time to answer your questions. In the meantime, check out our link here for details, and to sign up! 

Love, Rachel 

Centered City Owner, and Lead Teacher of Yoga Soul Yoga Teacher Training Programs

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