Setting the standard for yoga in Utah

With each heart at our core, Centered City Yoga is well-known for it’s incredibly talented, professional, and devoted teachers, none of whom take themselves too seriously. They all genuinely love teaching authentic breath-based yoga, where the truth of yoga is discovered through presence, regardless of the strange shape you might find yourself in during yoga practice–or the challenging situation while living your daily life. In our studio, you do become fit and flexible through your daily practice, yet we understand these are blessed by-products of your mindful yoga practice. Centered City Yoga instructors are first and foremost “regular people.” Dads and moms, musicians and mechanics, doctors and dancers, artists and attorneys. They teach yoga not to define their lives, but because they have seen the good it brings to their busy and full lives. They wish purely to share those benefits with you.

6 Reasons to Practice Yoga at Our Studio


Humans carry a vibrational energy similar to the company they keep. Through Centered City Yoga, raise your vibration in the midst of kind and beautiful energy surrounding you. The energy cultivated with your yoga community will give you strength, peace and a sense of lightness to take with you everywhere you go.


Through your Centered City Yoga practice, learn to "yoke" or connect your breath to your mind, body and soul. Through this connection arising from within you, you will then find it easier to connect to nature, and with family and good friends, old and new.


The ultimate goal of yoga is to discover and become one with the true nature of ourselves--pure consciousness. We call this, purusha. All of the action and non-action it takes to embody this deep inner state is called, prakriti. Your Centered City Yoga community collaborates together to create the space for all to rise to our greatest potentials!


At Centered City Yoga, we practice according to classical yoga, learned from our teachers through deep Indian lineages. The practice is breath-based, and focused on cultivating that which we wish to shine onto this world, first on the inside. This energy then naturally moves from within, to our outer world, to touch with compassion and deep service, all sentient beings.

Cohesive energy

Humans are said to need food, water, shelter and LOVE as primary factors in living a light-filled life. Similar to cohesive energy talked about with crystals in physics, learning from Centered City Yoga teachers, we each can work individually, and together, with a sense of strong cohesion, as a way to shine as a united wholesome state of humanity.


A quality yoga practice is always approached moment to moment with mindfulness. At Centered City Yoga, we "practice" yoga mindfully as a way to calm the central nervous system, while bringing mind, body and spirit to balance. Students then take this practice out into their daily lives. Powerful indeed!