CBD Yoga Workshop

Join Sloan Reed and Lauren Sanders for an evening of education, relaxation, and good vibes for their CBD Yoga Workshop and Sound Healing

Held on August 26th, 6:45-8:45pm in Centered City Yoga’s beautiful and inspiring Crown Studio.

Sip on CBD-infused herbal tea while Sloan shares her in-depth knowledge of CBD – or cannabidiol – and find out what is it, how to use it, and how it interacts with our endocannabinoid system.

After, let your stress melt away as Lauren guides the group through restorative yoga and sound healing – two deeply relaxing, healing modalities that calm our central nervous system and mind. This type of yoga is good for all ages and abilities – beginners all the way up to advanced practitioners.

This event will be sponsored by Moon Mother Hemp and Rosebud CBD – both full-spectrum, organic CBD grown with intention and love. Goodie bags will be offered at the end of this workshop so you can keep the high vibes going!

Bring your yoga mats and dress comfortably. 18+ only.

Investment is only $30 per student!

Yoga Workshop Signup

Meet Lauren! My name is Lauren, RYT and sound-healing enthusiast.

Yoga, sound healing, and meditation have played an immense role in my life. I’ve experienced chronic insomnia and pain, and both have acted as a strong reminder to carve out plenty of time for self-care and rest.

These challenging and ongoing experiences sparked a desire for me to go deeper within myself, and ultimately, led me to getting certified in yoga and different healing modalities.

I like to help others experience these deep states of relaxation so that they can feel more connected to their body, mind, and spirit, and access that inner peace that’s always available to each of us.

I’d love you to follow me on Instagram @cannayoga


Meet Sloan! Practicing yoga and meditation has been a lifetime journey for me. Starting at a young age, I have been healing and going deeper within each practice. Being able to connect with my body through yoga has helped me with self discovery.

Along with my love for yoga, I have also found a passion for holistic and herbal healing.
I was first introduced to herbal medicine as a kid while watching my father heal his cancer with CBD (cannabidiol). After experiencing how CBD gave my father a better quality of life, I was able to work with the plant and grow the medicine for others.
Since yoga and herbal healing have been such influential aspects of my life I have learned to intertwine CBD into my yoga practices. I love to share and educate others on the benefits of this sacred plant and how to incorporate herbal healing into the daily life and yoga practices.
Please follow me on Instagram @sloanreed