Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Brooke McNaughton



Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Brooke McNaughton  Highlighting our fantastic yoga teachers one-by-one on this blog is one of my favorite things to write about as the studio owner. Each teacher is experienced, professional and of the best in Utah. It also allows me to speak about the other facets of what brings these teachers happiness and passion in life outside of the yoga studio.

For this post, I am thrilled to tell you more about Brooke McNaughton. She is one of the sweetest humans I have ever met. He heart shines through her eyes, while a deep sense of human love emulates through her teaching.

Brooke is an incredible soul. She winds mindfulness into all of her life passions and endeavors. She has been practicing yoga for 10 years, and teaching for five. Salt Lake City is blessed to have her here. Being an outdoors enthusiast through and through, Utah captured her heart and soul.

Dear words from Brooke,

I find that communing with our earth mother outside of suburbia and urban sprawl is some of the best medicine……especially when supplemented with heartfelt, mindful movement. About five years ago I decided to only move in ways intended to promote a sense of wellbeing, rather than to punish or change my body. Yoga, hiking, and living-room-dancing have captivated my spirit and healed my relationship with my body.

Brooke says that sometimes she moonlights as a cake decorator. She loves to bake when she is stressed. If you are ever hard up for tasty treats, find her during mid-terms or finals and she will lovingly share her latest baked goods!

Brooke is a life long active learner. She is diligently preparing to apply for dental school in 2018. Always one to help others, this is a wonderful direction for her to go to allow her to help others find their best smile. She already does in through her excellent yoga teaching. After sharing a yoga practice with her, the presence developed from within with her guidance, one cannot help but smile through the day! She is also a certified birth doula, as of last year. Her heart is filled with immense joy with the ability to support women in labor. While Being a yoga, dentistry and being a doula may initially seem somewhat disparate, Brooke has come to realize they all share one key trait:

I get to support others as they move toward their best versions of self, and to me there is nothing more satisfying.

Whether it’s through holding space in yoga, supporting a birth plan, or helping maintain or create a new smile, I love what I do and the beautiful communities of which I am a part. Centered City Yoga has been a pivotal part of my ongoing journey, and I am so glad to call it hOMe.

Bam Bam

Brooke also has a majestic cat named Bam Bam, and he is entirely too fluffy. She loves her cat and will always talk about him when gifted the opportunity.

I love having Brooke as a teacher with Centered City Yoga. She is a pinnacle example of a quality teacher. She practices yoga with a humble grace and then shares that grace with each of her students with an authentic heart.

You can read about her, and our other teachers on our teacher bio page HERE.

Or you can simply share practice with her when she teachers. Brooke also loves to help other teachers out as a sub, certainly attend her classes each possible time you can make it!

Brooke’s current teaching schedule:

Friday Power Hour 6:00-7:00AM

Sunday Soft Flow 10:15-11:30AM

Sunday Prenatal noon-1:15PM