Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight ~ Emily Lamberty

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight ~ Emily Lamberty. 

Part of the process of moving into the season of fall is letting go of fiery summer activities, and choosing to find a place of rhythm, with an air of steadiness. Beginning to sleep more as the darkness falls each evening a bit sooner, settling into school and work schedules, and practicing yoga regularly are great ways to help our bodies feel the steadiness of patterns. This in turn will calm our nervous systems, assist clear thinking, and allow space to breathe into the change of summer heat and activity, to crisp cool nights and refreshing energy.

Part of my shift back to steadiness is continuing with our Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlights. I LOVE to celebrate people. How perfect to celebrate our empowering teachers, while also giving our students a taste of their lives, and what fills them with passion!

This month I share with you a special biography of Emily Lamberty!  Sometimes I tell the story. This time Emily tells her own story of curiosity and adventure, wound into her journey on her path of life:

From Emily ~

Years ago, standing outside my office building at 902 Broadway in Manhattan, I can remember telling a colleague I would like my next endeavor to be teaching yoga. I wanted to do something more meaningful in a professional capacity. I had worked as a commercial photo assistant, a stylist, photographer, mixed media artist, I managed operations for a Pilates certification company, then I did A LOT of temping in offices in NYC until I became a Happy Accident in Hugh Hardy’s office at H3. He brought joy to my life everyday, and I was deeply immersed in the culture of New York. Although it was an extraordinary experience, I knew there was more to my professional life than being someone’s assistant, even if that someone was a gem. (Also, he was 81, I knew he wouldn’t be around forever).

It was 2013, I was nearing the end of my mentorship with William Spear, during which I studied Feng Shui, I Ching, Macrobiotics, Vital Design and Non-Violent Communication. I had started attending studio classes more regularly, and even used yoga in my healing process when I sprained my ankle. (It was described by the physical therapists as an extraordinary sprain, the worst they had in their office all year.) When I moved to Utah a couple of years ago to heal from different trauma and be near extended family, it seemed like the right time to pursue the yoga teacher dream. What I’ve found is that it compliments my feng shui practice perfectly, and I can even incorporate art and photography (my first career) into my practice and teaching. 

Things I love about Yoga and other areas of Life:

What I love most about yoga is its versatility and the space it provides for personal growth. I have always been more drawn to the spiritual and meditative aspects, than the physical aspects. (I do enjoy the milestones and benefits achieved physically, but I didn’t come to yoga for athletics. It is certainly a happy by-product.) We live on this amazing planet in these complex bodies, both are full of mystery, wonder, and surprises. I love looking at dualistic relationships to solve problems and gain insight. 

I also love the overlap I’ve found between yoga and my feng shui practice. Most people think feng shui is about the furniture in your living room; but, more accurately, it is a holistic approach to life. It taps in to the energetic world, as does yoga. For me, Yoga is another tool in the tool box of Feng Shui. Or, perhaps they are two tool boxes side by side with shared tools. I love that they both offer tools for coping with challenges and opportunities. 

Most of all, I love that we’re all connected here on this amazing planet. It brings me joy and mystery to explore. Approaching life as if there’s only one of us here warms my heart and gives me a greater capacity for kindness and compassion. 

Things I focus on as a teacher:

When I teach, I focus on creating a calm and safe space for students to practice. My goal is for people who attend my classes to have a positive experience, whether it’s going deeper into a practice or having a therapeutic effect. As a teacher, I do my best to curate a sequence that flows well from one pose to the next. I really like core work, mainly because it is something I work on in my personal practice, but also because of the opportunity it offers to focus on grounding and centeredness. I look at alignment in each pose. Inserting philosophy and wisdom to accompany the practice is important to me. I love to share what I’ve learned from my teachers! My biggest focus, though, is the breath. I think it’s the most important part of the whole process. 

This winter I’m offering a workshop, Mixed Media and Meditation. We’ll start with an hour of light asana and meditation, then we’ll spend two hours making an art piece you can take with you. You can read more details HERE

I love having Emily as a dear teacher at Centered City Yoga. She teaches a Breathe, Move and Meditate class on Tuesdays 7:15-8:30pm. She also loves to sub for our other teachers when they need help. She is a wonderful human, and yogini.



P.S. More lovely photographs of this Dear Soul, Emily Lamberty