Do yoga at work

We believe so deeply in the benefits of yoga for physical and mental health that we are willing to bring the yoga to you! Whether you are an employer, human resources director, manager, or employee, we have packages that can work for a group or individual…at work!

Are you an employer?

Integrating health and lifestyle benefits for staff offers many benefits to employers and entire organizations. It helps in recruiting health-conscious team members who will be happy, productive and efficient, and of course offers those same benefits to your existing team members. Call us today to find out how yoga and meditation practices can benefit your organization. We can supply yoga mats and props, or we can assist you with purchasing yoga or meditation products for your on-site studio space.

Corporate retreats

We offer corporate retreats in and around the Salt Lake City area, as well as anywhere in the world! Whether it is a day retreat or something longer and more exotic, we will plan all of the details for you! Our retreat planning can include reserving accommodations, planning meals and doing food preparation, yoga and meditation practices, relaxation techniques, spa services, individual therapies such as massages and individualized yoga practices, workshops and more!

Travel areas

We offer corporate yoga in and surrounding Salt Lake City. We also offer day retreats, weekend or full week retreats! Contact us with your wishes. We will work with you to solidify your vision and give you a price quote and details.

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