What are the benefits of yoga?

Whatever your age or physical condition, whatever your religious belief or cultural heritage, yoga can help you vastly improve the quality of your life and health. The word “yoga” comes from the Sanskrit, meaning to yoke, discipline, to unite, to make whole. Yoga incorporates physiological, psychological and spiritual processes to unify and call to the present moment all aspects of a human being.

Is yoga a religion?

No, yoga is not a religion. It is a nonsectarian science which promotes harmony. Anyone of any faith, or simply an appreciation of nature, can find his or her religion, or other life path enhanced as a result.

Can I as a beginner attend any class?

You may want to attend two or three of the Intro, or Fundamental styled classes before attending other classes. Then try Soft Flow, Restore, Pranayama, Meditation or Express, or any specialty class that interests you.

What should I wear?

Remove your shoes at the door and change into your bare feet. Wear comfortable clothing that will not overheat or overly bind. Please do NOT wear perfume, and we recommend not wearing makeup or jewelry.

What should I bring?

Bring water, a towel, and a yoga sticky mat if you have one. You can rent a mat at the studio, or ideally, everyone should—for hygienic reasons—own their own mat. For Restore classes, you may want to bring your own blanket. Do not bring a cell phone, or at least turn it off when you enter.

Should I eat before class?

Eat at least two hours before class to give you time to digest. If you have not eaten, and need to consume something, choose to eat lightly. It is best to practice yoga on an empty stomach. Drink plenty of water before, and after class.

What guidelines should I follow when I practice yoga?

Respect pain. Pay close attention to your body’s innate feedback system. Distinguish between the discomfort of moving a stiff body, and pain caused by overdoing or excessive demand on a joint. Sudden or severe pain is a warning. Most postures can be modified; JUST ASK!

Balance work and rest. Yoga is about building energy. Balance your power yoga workouts with some restore classes. Breathe properly. Without fully expanding your lungs, the muscles you are exercising cannot be adequately supplied with oxygen.

How often should I practice yoga?

Successful yoga practice requires consistency and discipline. For overall transformation, practice 4 – 6 times a week. For cross training or injury prevention, twice a week is suitable. To jumpstart your routine, attend 10 classes in two weeks!

Can I talk during class and ask questions?

We at Centered City Yoga love questions and love interacting with our students. However, please keep conversation to a minimum to maintain a quiet atmosphere.

I am really fit. Will yoga challenge me?

No matter what condition you are in, Yoga is a great way to enhance or surpass your current fitness level. Try it. You’ll be hooked.

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