COVID-19. Stay Healthy in Mind, Body, & Spirit During Times of Risk and Uncertainty

Yoga helps us keep our bodies, minds and spirits healthy and balanced! This is a long note. I encourage you to read it in full. It has taken a whil...

Earn Free Entry to Centered City Yoga Workshops in 2019!

Earn Free Entry to Centered City Yoga Workshops with our new Gratitude Program! One of our intentions as studio this year is to create a true...

200 & 300 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings

I love teaching yoga. And ever as much, I LOVE to lead yoga teacher trainings. I am happy to tell you about my Yoga Soul 2019, 200 & 300 Hour Y...

Michael Gannon, The Yoga Dealer, coming to Salt Lake City!

For years now, my husband Eric, and often my son and I have made a pilgrimage to the Yucatan Peninsula to enjoy the healing ocean waters, ta...

Sanskrit Scholar Nicolai Bachman Coming Back to Salt Lake City

 Nicolai Bachman teaching at Centered City Yoga, 2018  We are beyond delighted to have Nicolai Bachman back to Salt Lake City, April 5-...

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