Postpartum Preparation Workshop, Preparation for the 4th Trimester

Postpartum Preparation Workshop, Preparation for the 4th Trimester
October 6th, 11:00am-3:00pm
12-1 PM  “ALIGN”
Investment: $100 full day or $25 per session 
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Destiny S. Olsen CD(DONA), PCD(DONA), RYT, RPYT
Destiny S. Olsen is the proud owner of SHAUNTEA, a company focused on individualized health and wellness. She has taught Somatics since 2005 through yoga, dance and meditation. As a DONA certified birth and postpartum doula she believes developing mental and physical health throughout the childbearing year is essential to creating well-balanced children, happier parents and a overall healthier lifestyle.

Destiny S. Olsen will help you look within to find your inner strength through a balanced Prenatal Yoga practice. Tune into your breath, focus your mind and move your body in a empowering, intentional way as you prepare for baby’s debut. Together, you will create a plan that you can set in motion before baby’s arrival. Place down some foundational support to help ease the transition to adding a new family member to spend optimum time with your baby.

Susan McLaughlin, PT

Susan McLaughlin is a physical therapist, a pelvic health specialist, and the owner of ALIGN. People usually come to ALIGN for pain relief, but what they really walk away with is a greater understanding of their body. Susan is passionate about educating clients to tune into their habitual daily activities that affect postural alignment, tissue function and movement. With awareness, clients can create new patterns to build healthier tissues for structural support and fluid movement. Ultimately, the goal of ALIGN is to help people learn self care strategies to get out of pain, improve function, and become more vital. Because when we have the tools to heal ourselves, that is when we thrive!

Susan will teach you how to sustain yourself through exercises that encourage healthy body postures and habits. Adapt new ways of moving to to gain strength during pregnancy and to heal you in postpartum.

Elizabeth Smith, MPH, ICCE, IBCLC, RLC

Elizabeth Smith holds a masters degree in public health with an emphasis in maternal child health. She began working at the University Hospital in 2000 as an educator and quickly moved into the management position for the Department of Perinatal Education. In 2003 she was asked to be on the Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative Steering Committee where she worked with a team to get University Hospital designated as thefirst Baby Friendly Hospital in Utah. She was asked to take the lead for Baby Friendly when the previous coordinator changed jobs. Since then she has worked to maintain that designation.Elizabeth is a certified childbirth educator and a board certified lactation consultant. In addition to her duties at the hospital she sits on numerous committees including the March of Dimes Advisory Board, Perinatal Bereavement Committee, Perinatal Professionals Conference, and the Utah Breastfeeding Coalition. She is a board member for International Childbirth Education Association, Mountain West Mothers’ Milk Bank and the Utah Maternal Mental Health Collaborative.

Elizabeth will show you skills and tips to having success for any way you choose to feed your baby. Wether that’s breast or bottle feed this class will help you learn the basics of lactation and feeding your new little one.

Sarah Caldwell, CS, Maternal Mental Health Specialist

Sarah Caldwell is a mental health therapist specializing in pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety disorders. She was first introduced to the world of maternal mental health as a graduate student in the Master of Social Work program at the University of Utah in 2015. Sarah had found her passion and from then on has devoted her career to working with moms and moms-to-be on their journeys to healing. She is especially interested in understanding and treating trauma resulting from pregnancy and childbirth. Sarah works with individuals, couples and groups, focusing specifically on maternal mental health and sex and intimacy. Her goal is that all women who experience pregnancy and postpartum mood and anxiety disorder symptoms know that they are good moms, they are not to blame, and they can get better.

Sarah Caldwell can teach you how to allow yourself to rest easy knowing how to keep yourself balanced throughout pregnancy and beyond. Adapt healthy patterns and have resources at your fingertips for when you are needing extra support.

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