BREATHWORK with Rebecca Kordecki

May 6th ~ 8:15-9:30pm in Crown Studio at Centered City Yoga! Join Rebecca Kordecki for THE FUNDAMENTALS OF BREATHWORK & SELF FORGIVENESS WORKSHOP

Breathwork is a tool that can take you out of your head (monkey mind) and connect you to your emotional, spiritual being. Using circular open-mouth breathing technique, similar to Holotropic Breathwork, you will go deep inside. This style of breathing gets to the core of it. You will not leave the same as when you walked in.

Breathwork has a way of supporting and encouraging people to release locked away feelings and emotions. Many people say one session of Breathwork is like 10 years of therapy—only clearer and deeper!

What To Expect: After a brief introduction about Breathwork and a few group exercises, we will then go into the active breathing portion of class, which will last roughly 30 minutes. During the active breathing, the music will play above regular meditation style volume. The volume of the music is a bit louder than normal volume to help release of any stuck emotions, pains, or trauma. Rebecca will support you in shutting off your brain banter so you can focus on opening your heart and spirit to see what comes up and ultimately find more clarity.

Breathwork transformations happen most often when students commit fully to the process of using their breath as a healing tool and it’s in those sessions where some very big emotional releases happen.

Please come with an open heart and mind and be ready to shift. But whether you have a dramatic emotional release or a more subtle experience—it’s still a win! You will leave feeling lighter, freer, more aware and create more space for being a kinder, gentler version of yourself.

What to Bring:

A picture of yourself at 2,3,4 years old; this can be on your phone or a printed version. If you have an eye mask please bring it. Also a blanket if you tend to get cold.

About Rebecca

Rebecca Kordecki has studied the work of Dan Brulé, the world’s foremost expert and renowned pioneer in the field of Breathwork.  She has trained with Jon Paul Crimi one of the top Breathwork coaches in Los Angeles and Stan Grof, the founder of Holotropic Breathwork. She has developed her own style of coaching that is geared towards supporting students to release stored emotions to clear space for living joyfully and with a renewed sense of clarity. In addition, Rebecca has enjoyed a robust 22-year career as a Celebrity Trainer and Wellness Expert working with Fortune 500 executives, professional athletes & celebrities.She has appeared on The Today Show, EXTRA and has been featured in Vogue, The New York Times, InStyle, Glamour and Shape magazine.

Rebecca currently lives in Los Angeles and teaches at The Den Meditation Studio in both Hollywood and Studio City, California. To learn more about Rebecca please visit

Investment for this practice is only $30   


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