Michael Gannon, The Yoga Dealer, coming to Salt Lake City!

For years now, my husband Eric, and often my son and I have made a pilgrimage to the Yucatan Peninsula to enjoy the healing ocean waters, take time to care and connect with each other, and the wonderful people of this beautiful land. We also go there to be students of yoga. 

Teaching and self-practice and study are so very important as a yogi. But I have found that if I cannot simply take the time to let go of my careful guidance of doing my best to lead our teachers and students at Centered City Yoga, I start to lose myself. Letting go for just a bit. This means one of two things. I run or cycle to the mountains, or go to the ocean and learn yoga from dear teachers who resonate with my heart. 

Michael Gannon is a teacher who brings a special magic to any practice he offers. I learn from him as often as time and space open.  He is sincere, lives what he speaks, and embodies decades of discipline, and experience he dedicates his life to sharing with all who will listen. When I practice yoga in his elegant yoga shala, Yoga Loft Playa Del Carmen, I am raw, able to be completely present, and come back feeling renewed. I am then able to do a much better job of teaching and nurturing our lovely Centered City Yoga studio. 

What a gift! Michael has agreed to come to teach his knowledge at Centered City Yoga! The dates will be February 22-24, 2019. He has never before taught a workshop in Utah. We are all so very blessed. All students of yoga, no matter where  you live, or what studio you call home, are beyond welcome to join in this special weekend of teaching. You are always welcome to share your light with CCY. Please refer to our workshops page for more details and to sign up!

In the late 90s, the practice of yoga lured Michael Gannon away from chaotic deal making in the American advertising and music industry. He subsequently spent 10 years studying in India with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois (1915 – 2009) learning the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd series of the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa system. Authorized directly by Jois in 2001 to teach, Gannon has taught in over 50 countries on five continents. 

Having trained over 500 teachers worldwide in Ashtanga and Power Vinyasa Yoga, his unique teaching style makes the transformational powers of yoga accessible to all with the desire to learn. 

His live teachings have been extended over the years via many DVDs, the first ever Ashtanga Yoga App on iPhone/Android, and his first book in 2018, Ashtanga Yoga Made Simple. 

On his home beach in Mexico, Gannon designed, built, and directs one of the most beautiful yoga schools on the planet, Yogaloft Playa del Carmen. When he’s not traveling, it is here that he spends time at the feet of his three most powerful gurus — his daughter and two sons.

His personal practice and that which comes from sharing with so many other people worldwide lead to the organic evolution of his own experience of Power Vinyasa Yoga. Weather in Ashtanga Vinyasa or Power Vinyasa, Michael’s unique teaching style makes Yoga’s transformational powers — physical, mental and spiritual — available to all. Learn more about Michael on his website. 

I hope you will make it. I will meet you on the mat as your fellow student. 

Love, Rachel 

Centered City Yoga, The Original Power Yoga Studio in Utah

Centered City Yoga, the original Salt Lake power yoga studio in Utah, is based in a beautiful glass front building in the popular 9th & 9th district in Salt Lake City. The studio was founded by D’ana Baptiste in 2003 as a Baptiste Power Yoga studio, created from the foundation of the yoga studios D’ana, and her ex-husband Baron Baptiste had originally created together. This is the first and only Baptiste Method power yoga studio in Utah, and continues to this day to be considered the best yoga studio, with the highest trained quality yoga teachers in Salt Lake City, Utah, and beyond.

As with everything intentional, Centered City Yoga expanded over the years to open space for all students of yoga, from myriad walks and paths of life. This meant of course offering the strong and powerful flow yoga classes the studio has always embodied, to over 15 years after its opening, continuing loving and blessing students with expansive education of yoga in meditation and pranayama, restorative, power, Ashtanga, Anusara, alignment-based, Kundalini, and more.

In January of 2017, D’ana sold Centered City Yoga to yogini, Rachel Cieslewicz, whom D’ana trusted would carry the studio forward with honor and integrity, and strength of heart and mind to deepen the roots of authentic yoga in Salt Lake City.

Rachel has dedicated herself to growing the studio with a full spectrum of light energy of compassion, peace and integrity, to shine fully the heart of yoga. Rachel’s mission with Centered City Yoga is to guide all students of yoga, even beyond the studio, to understand and embody the delicate, yet powerful practice of weaving yoga, and its teachings into each moment of life, bringing presence into all actions and circumstances.

Centered City Yoga also has a wonderful and highly regarded school of yoga for aspiring teachers, through the Yoga Soul School of yoga teacher trainings. The school specializes in helping new teachers to not only learn to expertly lead well-balanced classes, but to also bring yoga to all people.

Centered City Yoga will invigorate your mind, body and soul. Learn from our experienced professional teachers, in our clean and contemporary studio space. We offer over 90 classes each week, with almost 40 teachers. We love you and welcome you to your studio hOMe.

Centered City Yoga 2018 Yoga Challenge Winners

Centered City Yoga 2018 Yoga Challenge Winners ~ I love to share the powerful practice and teachings of yoga, truly with all of my heart. Through many years of my own evolution through practicing yoga, as well as teaching thousands of students over time, I have learned something so very important. It can be hard to get into the rhythm of a regular practice. And if one cannot practice with consistency, how will the student of yoga embody the full blessings of yoga?

For this reason, I held a yoga challenge for our Centered City Yoga community to celebrate the first two months of our new 2018 year, as an incentive for students to discover a steady practice, while also enjoying learning from the best yoga teachers in Salt Lake City.

Each student who either completed the challenge of attending practice at our beautiful studio at least 30 days, for the first two months completed the challenge. My hope is this has inspired all of our students to practice even one more day than they might have otherwise. I pray each yogi is enjoying the benefits of this dedication. The blessings of presence and balance in mind, body and spirit are priceless.

As an extra incentive to our yogis, I promised a 6-month pass for free to whomever attended the most classes. And for all of our students who attended at least 30 days of yoga, I created a certificate for each, also held a drawing for a second 6-month pass. We also held a separate staff and teacher challenge with prizes for them instead of a pass. What a joy it was to see an extra spark of dedication planted in the hearts of so many. I thank you all for sharing your amazing energy with our light filled space that is Centered City Yoga.

What amazed me was how not only did some students attend every day, some shared their practice more than once on many days. Each body has different needs and abilities. Each human also has different timing available. It was a joy to see those expressions. I love how so many chose, and continue, to cultivate their practice when it works for them. It brings tears to my eyes contemplating the many ways not only their bodies, but also their lives in general benefit from a steady authentically hearted practice.

When March first came, one of our younger students, Zo Kronberg won the challenge. She in two months practiced yoga at Centered City Yoga 95 times! Oh my goodness. Congratulations Zo! Of our students who completed the challenge, and thus were entered into a drawing, Rachel Rogers won the other 6-month pass. She sadly is leaving town and won’t be able to utilize the pass. So I decided to give each student who completed the challenge a one-month unlimited pass, rather than draw a second person.

For our staff challenge, our amazing darling of teachers, Liz Freedman won the challenge. And the ever dedicated and delightful dear soul friend of our studio, Jim Stringfellow, earned 2nd place for the challenge. I thank them each so very much for the loving kindness they share with our community in many ways beyond the practice. Thank you to all who participated!

I asked the challenge winners to share a few words about their experiences:

Zo Kronberg: Thank you so much! These past two months have been incredible, practicing so often has smoothed my transition through many life changes and kept me strong throughout.

Zo Kronberg

Zo Kronberg and fellow student partner yoga

Rachel Rogers: My favorite quote is, “Beginnings are scary.  Endings are usually sad, but it’s what’s in the middle that counts.  So, when you find yourself at the beginning, just give hope a chance to float up.  And it will.” – Sandra Bullock, in the movie “Hope Floats.” 

Traveling to Salt Lake City was a new beginning for me.  I moved more than 7,000 miles away from home and into the basement apartment of an Airbnb.  I recently graduated with my Master’s of Occupational Therapy degree in Cleveland, Ohio and not even a month later, I landed in Salt Lake City to complete a 2-month specialty fieldwork program with the University of Utah. 

I teach yoga in the Cleveland area and work as a front desk yogi at a studio called 3Sisters (with 3 actual sisters who own the studio).  Prior to my arrival in Salt Lake, one of the sisters recommended Centered City as a beautiful studio to practice at during my time in Salt Lake.  Conveniently, I was living less than a mile away from the studio and the kind people I was renting from even shared a spare yoga mat with me since I could not fit mine in my suitcase (although I tried)!  It seemed to all fall into place.

After my first class at Centered City, I was hooked!  It felt nice to be seen and supported by the Centered City community – all of the teachers, students, and front desk staff.  The studio served as my home away from home.  It provided a warm, welcoming space in an unfamiliar environment for me.   I enjoyed the opportunity to deepen my personal yoga practice and learn from the passionate, knowledgeable, and genuine teachers at Centered City.

As my time in Salt Lake is coming to an end, I am saddened to leave, but am leaving with a heart full of gratitude and positive energy.  Thank you all for holding the space for me.  I appreciate the connections and hope to visit in the future.  Expect a postcard from Cleveland! Namaste.

Rachel Rogers

Rachel Rogers

Liz Freedman: I can’t believe l won the CCY Staff Yoga Challenge! Check out this cool beanie and hoodie l received. Wow! Thank you Centered City Yoga. Now I will always have a piece of CCY with me. Congrats to all the participants. Time and time again yoga has provided me with hope, support, and strength to carry on. I love sharing space, breathe, and connection with my community. The highest light within me, bows to that very same light shining within each of you. Namaste.

Liz Freedman

Jim Stringfellow: The challenge! It spurred me on. I enjoy yoga and the obvious good that comes to my body and mind. When I don’t quite feel like braving the (cold, heat, wind, rain, lack of one more coffee, walk to the studio, camel drivers – check all that apply), getting there and doing  yoga makes it so much better. The studio, teachers, staff, and general camaraderie are genuinely pleasing.

Jim Stringfellow

Thank you to all who share practice and create such high vibrational energy at Centered City Yoga. I love our students, staff and teachers dearly. I am humbled be a part of your yoga path.





Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Sarah Elizabeth Levitt

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight— Sarah Elizabeth Levitt

With the completion of 2017, merging into the beginning of 2018, I am delighted to share a teacher highlight of Sarah Elizabeth Levitt. Sarah has been with Centered City Yoga for well over a decade! She is dedicated and lovely. Her teaching and soul radiates a shining a light of a truthful authentic yogic heart. We are blessed and so very fortunate to have Sarah Elizabeth with us.

Sarah Elizabeth has been a student of yoga since 1994. She began teaching the practice in 2007. She continues to teach beyond the walls of the studio to this moment. She is one of very few certified yoga therapists in Utah through the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) Sarah, like many of our teachers holds wisdom, education and experience in myriad of fields and disciplines, which adds deep value to her teaching. She has over 20 years of experience in healthcare and specializes in Yoga in Healthcare. And is also an amazing Qigong and meditation teacher and practitioner.

Sarah Elizabeth believes fully in living what she teaches. She practices yoga and mediation daily with the intention of living yoga in every moment. Her beautiful family also shares not only in practicing, but in teaching yoga as well! Both her son,  Perry Lane Decker, and husband, Olin Levitt, are yoga teachers! They are also certified yoga therapists, and excellent yoga teachers at our beautiful Centered City Yoga Studio. They each exude the beauty, strength and grace a dedicated and disciplined yoga practice can manifest in humans.

Sarah Elizabeth with her husband, Olin Levitt

Perry teaches at Centered City Yoga, Mindful Power on Wednesday evenings from 7:30-8:30pm. Oli teaches our Intro to Yoga class on Saturdays from 9:00-10:00am, as well as the Saturday 7:30-8:45am Stiffer Bodies class. Oli and Sarah Elizabeth co-teach Qigong on Wednesdays from 6:00-7:00pm. Oli is also about to lead Yoga 101, a beautiful workshop for new yogis, and experienced practitioners looking to set a deep foundation of yoga. Learn more about this workshop on January 6th, here.

Sarah Elizabeth with her son, Perry Lane Decker

Back to Sarah Elizabeth! As part of her excellence, in striving to make a big positive difference in society, she and fellow teacher Erin Meyer, Ph.D., created an amazing yoga workshop intensive which can either be taken as a stand alone workshop, details HERE, or included in Centered City Yoga’s Yoga Soul teacher training 300 hour program beginning January 26. The workshop is called, Yoga as a Path to Social Justice. It is designed to educate its students on the deep intelligence of ancient yoga philosophy and practice, and pave a flowing path to solving issues in our communities and societies on all levels. It is a thoughtful impactful way to think and act, while sharing a powerful and light-centered way to change our World positively. It is not to be missed. Sarah Elizebeth and Erin are passionate social justice and health equity advocates. This workshop is a beautiful culmination of much of their lifes’ work.

Sarah Elizabeth at the IAYT Conference

Sarah Elizabeth is a published author. One of her pinnacle pieces is here. She works as the Associate Director, University of Utah Center for Community Nutrition (UUCCN), and the Department of Nutrition and Integrative Physiology in the College of Health. Always wishing to consciously and continuously learn, she is currently a Social Work student at the U of U, with an emphasis Social Enterprise Administration. Sarah Elizabeth is committed to the elimination of health disparities, and the prevention of disease and integrative health. Learn more about Sarah Elizabeth on her LinkedIn page.

Sarah Elizabeth teaches Yoga and Medical Qigong for the Huntsman Cancer Institute, for Primary Children’s Hospital and for Intermountain Healthcare,specializing in yoga for cancer patients, care providers and healthcare staff. She is a strong advocate for accessible yoga that can benefit people of all ages, sizes, shapes and abilities.

I love having Sarah Elizabeth as a dedicated and fantastic human, and teacher at Centered City Yoga. She is witty, fun and very wonderful to speak to and learn from. Do attend her Qigong class, and the Yoga as a Path to Social Justice workshop. She will change how you see the world in very light giving, highly vibrational ways. She will help you find beautiful intelligent ways to move through your life.



Happy New Year 2018 Yoga Challenge!

Happy New Year 2018 Yoga Challenge! 

Happy New Year Dear Yogis! We LOVE helping our students find ways to fully realize the benefits of a consistent yoga practice. For 2018 we are offering the chance to earn a 6-month unlimited regular class pass for FREE! This way you will have the opportunity to experience the best Utah yoga studio, with excellent yoga teachers to guide you through your practice.

There are two free 6-month passes available you can earn. Join us for a 2-month Yoga Challenge. It is easy! Just come to the studio and take class at least 30 times during the months of January and February. Our software will keep track of attendance and we will be sure to keep a leaderboard starting January 10th!

To help you have an affordable way to complete this challenge, use the promo code:2018Yoga! to receive 20.18% off these passes:
6-month unlimited
Quarterly unlimited
1-month unlimited pass
30 class pass

You can sign up for a class pass in our studio located at 926 East 900 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84105 or through Mindbody

The first 6-month unlimited class pass will go to the yogi with the most class attendance by the end of February. For the 2nd all of our students who complete the challenge by practicing at least 30 times at #CenteredCityYoga will be automatically entered into a drawing for the second class pass.

Check out our schedule here 

See you at the studio,

Love Rachel 

Aparigraha. The Art Of Non-Clinging, or Letting Go. It is a Yama Practiced in the Ashtanga Yoga Lineage.

Dear Yogis,

Life has taught me deep lessons, yet again! The current lesson is aparigraha. The art of non-clinging, or letting go. It is a Yama practiced in the Ashtanga Yoga Lineage.

Since purchasing Centered City Yoga in January of this year, my life has felt like an extreme roller coaster.  I was living in St. George. I had my own sweet yoga studio, Yoga Soul, to care for.  The rhythm of my life was finally for the first time ever, very comfortable, and well, it was becoming boring! It is easy to fall into a sense of complacency when life is not challenging and providing growth. I also felt a change was coming, but I never could have guessed what was about to occur.

It is an extreme understatement to say it was a surprise that I ended up as the new owner of CCY, with some very big shoes to fill. With my new beginning, came many endings. I have had to reinvent how I ran Yoga Soul. I also just sold my lovely home in St. George and am in process of letting go of almost all of my material possessions to allow space for me to move into a very small space, 1/3 the size of my home in St. George.  I am learning to let go of the serene desert scape, and replace it yet again, with a busy city life.  Sometimes it feels like too much and I watch myself suffer as I cling to what was my life in a mellow southern Utah town.  But I must let go so I can serve a greater purpose.

I am grateful for my daily yoga practice. I have learned through life that if I stay steady in my practice, I can handle anything.

We must let go of what does not serve any longer. This creates space and freedom to dance with what now is.

One of the principles we learn through our practice, which truly over time shows us how it is a microcosm of life, is the principle of Aparigraha, one of the five yamas (restraints) of Ashtanga yoga. Aparigraha translates to letting go. The other side of that coin is accepting what is. How can we learn to let go of things in life to create space for growth, what is new, and freedom from suffering, by accepting what now is? Can this create a sense of lightness in your practice, and your life?

Sometimes just like a yoga pose, it is hard to realize that our bodies just don’t like the full expression of a pose.  Yet, as soon as we realize we are where we are, and that is okay, we find a sense of deep comfort in a pose we may have previously fought or despised!

Sometimes we have a magical practice, and we love and want to hold on to those moments of grace linked with breath. And then the very next day we have what feels like the worst practice ever.  Or maybe we leave that magical moment and get into our car and immediately life feels like the opposite of anything lovely as we deal with traffic and daily life. Breathe.

The breath, just like in a yoga practice will carry you through the rough spots of life! The breath helps us to feel light in our days, and reminds us that we can ride life like a wave, with the realization that nothing is permanent, even the hard times.

Allow life to create and express through you. What shape does this take when you let go of patterns?

Practicing Aparigraha is on my mind many times each day. That is my daily practice at this moment, outside of my yoga practice. The worry if I can help our precious students find a sense of home with CCY? Can I connect all of the moving pieces of this great studio and learn to serve our society with true hearts of love?

A curious practice you might try is this: Focus on breath no matter what in your practice. Notice how your breath guides your movement, thus allowing you to move through your practice with a sense of effortless effort. And then ask your life to help you to bring this out into your world. I would love to learn how this goes! We can journey through this together. Please join our wonderful Centered City Yoga teachers, and experience through your yoga practice how you can embrace the art of letting go, as a way to create freedom, and space for new in your amazing life. Our class schedule is HERE



Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Maria Radloff

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Maria Radloff: To say I am delighted to share about Maria Radloff is an understatement. Before I dive in, I have a fun background story!

Maria and her family!

My personal primary background in yoga is of the Ashtanga Vinyasa System (traditionally spelled Astanga). It is an 8-limbed lineage carried through time mostly via parampara, meaning direct knowledge passed from teacher to student. Like most timeless paths of great depth, the more knowledge and practice is cultivated, causes one to realize there is infinitely more to learn.

Such has happened with me. I am constantly studying each new day through my personal practice, reading and simply living life, while learning to apply what my yoga practice teaches, to life. Over the last 10 years I have yearned for a teacher nearby who could help me with the Sanskrit language, and yoga’s sister science, Ayurveda.

Just over a year into moving from Salt Lake City, to St. George, I kept seeing on social media pages a girl named Maria who was offering to teach Sanskrit in Salt Lake City. I was so sad! How could I have wished for a teacher with that knowledge for so long, only to have a teacher appear right after I relocated? Fortunately the Astanga community is small and lovely. Through all of my yoga friends, I often received tastes of Maria’s talents, her shining personality, and the depth and quality of her yoga practice and wisdom.

When I purchased Centered City Yoga in January of 2017 serendipity sent Maria straight into my life. Finally! Everything I imagined about her is true and more! She does all of the graphic design work for Centered City Yoga! Maria also designed our current website. And very soon we will have beautiful Centered City Yoga T-shirts and tanks available for our students, designed by Via-Maria!

Maria is a now teaching for our Yoga Soul Mentorship teacher training program, has single handedly brought Astanga back into our studio, and is helping to bring Ayurveda into the studio. We are so fortunate. And I finally have a Sanskrit teacher! She is among the best of Utah yoga teachers. The Salt Lake City yoga community is incredibly blessed to have her!

Another fun story is two of my husband, Eric Martin’s, most influential teachers are also Marias, out of Scottsdale. The late Dave Oliver, and his lovely wife, Cheryl Oliver, who to this day continues the legacy they began together. If you are fortunate to have the opportunity to travel to Phoenix, please seek out Cheryl! She is divine. http://www.arizonavedicchant.com

Now more about the lovely Maria Radloff!

Maria learned from Dave and Cheryl Oliver in Scottsdale, Arizona starting in 2008. This is where she was introduced to chanting and Sanskrit, which initially she did not embrace! But the Astanga appealed to her due to the challenging nature of the practice, including all of the “tricks”

Astanga appealed to me due to the challenging nature of the practice, including all of the “tricks”, but what keeps me going to the practice is the philosophy and the adjustments. —if you want to learn what she means, go to her class!

Maria’s Italian Greyhound family

Maria was taught the sequence as well as all of the pose names, and what those names meant. I’ll leave the rest to her wonderful voice!

Maria teaching Ashtanga in the “Crown Studio” at Centered City Yoga

It took me my entire 20 minute drive from downtown Phoenix to Scottsdale to learn the pose name “tiryan-mukhaikapada-pashcimottanasana. The first chant I ever did in Sanskrit was Om Namah Shivaya. I was told to listen, whisper, and then chant three times with my teachers. The most important thing that I learned from my teachers was about adjusting. Making sure everybody gets hands-on adjustments, but still accommodating those who don’t want one in a special way. And, to listen to intuition.

I wish I could have learned how to tell a great story for my yoga classes, but those cards just weren’t in the deck. My teacher was THE storyteller. There was always a story or lesson in shavasana, and sometimes there were entire yoga classes dedicated to just listening to Richard Bach stories.

Maria teaching Ashtanga in the “Crown Studio” at Centered City Yoga

Maria’s teaching history:

I have taught at Centered City since 2011.

My style of teaching is a mix of guidance, nurturing, entertainment and quiet. I feel like life is hard work, so when somebody finds 75 minutes to come to my class, I want it to not only to offer the benefits of yoga, I want to infuse it with happiness, fun, and sharing. Why teach dharana when it’s hard enough to get through yamas and niyamas?

Maria’s Italian Greyhound family

Yoga Extra Curricular Activities!

I study Sanskrit on a weekly basis with a teacher in Phoenix, AZ

I am currently enrolled in an Ayurvedic Counselor program through Kerala Ayurveda (Fremont California)

I teach for a few local yoga teacher training programs, which is the best part about being a yoga teacher!

Maria’s incredible work ethic paves way to much needed naps, at lest for her puppies

Outside the Yoga Studio!

I am a graphic designer, specializing in design for yoga studios and teachers, healers, artists, non-profits and small businesses. I like to support people who are making a difference in the world.

I have three Italian Greyhounds, one of which is a 5-month old puppy! I love to walk them to the Coffee Garden.

I absolutely adore flowers. Red Butte Garden is my beloved sanctuary. I went there last year doubled over with appendicitis just to see the orchid show. I tore out the entire front lawn of my house to plant a garden of white flowers.

I love hiking City Creek Canyon. I take my three girls and as I walk, I chat with the universe. I’m writing a book about all the internal conversations. I constantly wonder what’s beyond the No Dogs Allowed sign. I also love the other City Creek…who doesn’t like walking dogs through the mall?!”

We are truly blessed to have Maria with Centered City Yoga. Our entire Salt Lake Valley is blessed with her knowledge and love, as she unconditionally shows love to all students and teachers of yoga.

Maria’s Italian Greyhound family

Maria’s current teaching schedule:


Wednesdays 5:15- 6:30PM

Fridays 4:15-5:30PM

Thank you Maria so much for your love grace and happiness you share to all you touch!



Joan Kottler—Celebrating Kneeotech Yoga Pants, While Protecting Your Knees!

The Lovely Joan Kottler!

Centered City Yoga student, Joan Kottler—Celebrating Kneeotech Yoga Pants, while protecting your knees!  

Very soon we will be carrying Joan’s amazing Kneeotech yoga pants at Centered City Yoga!

At Centered City Yoga we love to celebrate our students through their progress and commitment to their amazing dedicated practices. We also feel inspired as we learn about and applaud the different skills and gifts our students embody, as they seek to enrich and bless the lives of others outside of our studio walls. This is part of our vision:


Centered City Yoga Vision:

Centered City Yoga promises to share the truth of yoga by offering places of sanctuary where students of all backgrounds and body types and abilities can come to experience yoga, while embracing:





Cohesive energy

All to embody heartfelt light and balance—C5

Temria Airmet models Kneeotech Pants

Recently I learned about one of our longtime students, Joan Kottler, who happens to be the founder and president of a lovely company that helps to support our knees in yoga! Her company is Evolution Activewear, LLC. Joan has dedicated years to designing Kneeotech pants, which feature built in protection in the knee areas to help make practice more comfortable and accessible, while minimizing the need to use blankets, or fold mats for more support in certain asana (poses). Website is here!

PC: Kate Crews Linsley – Dance Department Chair – Waterford School

From Evolution Activewear:

Do you love yoga but not the knee pain? Then you need Kneeotech! What is Kneeotech?

Kneeotech yoga pants with padded knees are designed to comfort and support your knees without compromising style and fit. Kneeotech, originally innovated for yoga, has huge crossover application. Wear Kneeotech for yoga, Pilates, dance, hiking,  gardening,  physical therapy,  under your ski/snow board pants,  or wear them just because they look and feel great on the body.

Kneeotech is made with High Quality performance fabric.  Our patented knee zone is lined with moisture management fabric. Kneeotech is currently available in three styles and are competitively priced.

  • Bootlegs–$89
  • Capris–$84
  • Leggings–$92

Our garments are an investment in quality and our Classic style stands the test of time. American Made , Kneeotech is proudly manufactured in Utah!

Invest in yourself; give your knees a break. Save your knees and experience kneevana! 

Follow Evolution Activewear on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @evoluactivewear

PC: Allison DeBona Tilton – First Soloist Ballet West

I am very excited to carry Joan’s products. Sometimes my knees are sensitive, and I hear each day about many of our students who struggle with knee pain when they are asked to bear weight on their knees in select poses. I love that Joan’s Kneeotech pants will be helpful solution for so many yogis!

~Love, Rachel 



Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Heather Sky

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight—Heather Sky

I am loving highlighting our amazing teachers who dedicate their lives to helping us all learn to intelligently work with breath, movement and consciousness. This brings presence and peace to each moment in our lives. Our yoga practice not only helps us to feel better physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually on our mats; we also through time begin to naturally take our precious practice off the mat, and into our world. It takes well-trained teachers who practice and recognize this. These teachers daily hone the ability to share with each student how to apply yoga not only to a moment in a yoga practice, but also into our daily lives.

Today I am delighted to talk about Heather Sky. She is a special teacher indeed. I think of her as a colorful spark of joy—her brightly colored hair mirrors her personality. Her approach to teaching is strong, with a loving kindness presence. She expertly guides her students to grow their practice at just the right challenging pace, while also keeping them grounded and filled with a sense of lightness. Heather is one who inspires just by walking into the space.

Heather grew up in a small lake town located in sunny Southern California and now lives nestled between the majestic Wasatch Mountains. Utah’s unique geographical diversity and terrain have made this outdoor enthusiast proud to call the Beehive State home. When Heather is not teaching or engaging in her personal yoga practice―both of which are a part of her daily routine―she can be found camping, hiking, rock climbing, or paddle boarding with her two young daughters. Being a single working mom certainly presents its own distinct challenges, but Heather wouldn’t change her charmed life for anything in the world.

She graduated from Utah Valley University with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, an emphasis in Creative Writing, and a minor in Environmental Studies. However, as she approached graduation, she made the conscious decision to participate in Yoga Teacher Training with D’ana Baptiste―not realizing at the time that her desire to share the transformative power of yoga with others would forever change her path. Eventually she was invited to teach at Centered City Yoga, a request that left her both humbled and honored. She is so thankful to be amongst such dedicated and talented instructors and practitioners, and appreciates the opportunity she has to build connections and relationships on a regular basis with her CCY family. She considers the most valuable facet of yoga―both on and off the mat―to be the sense of community created between practitioners, and loves making connections with her fellow yogis.

Heather also has the privilege of teaching at two diverse and distinguished studios in Utah County―3B Yoga and InBALANCE Yoga. Between these three studios, which allow Heather to teach and practice a wide variety of yoga styles full-time, she has been known to evoke a certain level of wildness and tranquility within the practice simultaneously.

Her teaching repertoire currently includes: Ashtanga, Vinyasa, 26 Postures, Power, Acro Yoga, Aerial Yoga, Kids Yoga, Teens and Tweens, SUP Yoga, and specialty workshops (including backbends and Revolution Wheel). Heather proudly considers herself a perpetual student, and is constantly attending additional trainings, immersions, and workshops with superlative instructors from across the country to strengthen both her personal practice and teaching abilities. She also identifies as a tattooed yogi, writer, rebel, coffee lover, and mother to two wild women in the making. Although, you’ll most likely recognize her around the studio due to her bright and ever-changing hair color.

I love Heather and the bright energetic joy she brings to Centered City Yoga. I truly hope you will try her classes and fall in love with the tools she teaches you on the mat, and for life.

Heather will soon lead a very beautiful practice on Saturday, May 13th from 1:30-3:00PM on behalf of ProjectOM and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. This will be a donation based class open to all. Below is the description of her class. The purpose is to earn money for the foundation while also working to get 1 million students practicing yoga in the name of the foundation on Mother’s Day weekend. We hope you will join Heather by sharing your practice on the lovely day.

We believe in the strength of the human spirit to overcome obstacles. We believe in the power of the divine feminine soul to rise above cancer and live well and strong happy lives. We believe in the grace of yoga to help us culture and focus our energy to freedom! Please join us in this special donation based class to raise money for women fighting breast cancer. This is for the men and women in our lives touched by breast cancer in any way. Learn more about this special class here!

You can follow Heather on Instagram @rebelution.yogi

Heather’s Current teaching schedule:


6:00-7:00AM Power Hour

7:15-8:30AM Mindful Movement and Meditation

4:15-5:30PM Core


10:30-11:45AM Core & Restore

12:00-12:45PM Express

Every other Saturday

4:00-5:15PM Tweens and Teens

5:30-6:30PM Yoga for Kids

~Love, Rachel

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight–Roger Coulombe

Centered City Yoga Teacher Highlight–Roger Coulombe. Celebrating wonderful people is one of my favorite aspects of being the owner of Centered City Yoga. Today I am honored to speak about our amazing power yoga teacher, Roger Coulombe. Roger is one of those beautiful humans who always makes everyone feel good just simply by being around him. He exudes a strong, yet deeply kind presence. His classes also carry that energy.

Like many, Roger awakened to the profound benefits of yoga through a hard moment of life. He was drawn to the healing power of yoga while recovering from a serious injury.  During this time of healing, he also studied many esoteric disciplines and techniques to rebuild the human body.

While living and teaching in Los Angeles, Roger developed a private practice based on these regenerative abilities and became a highly sought after healer. This in combination with in-depth, dedicated yoga training allows him to identify areas that need healing and strengthening- not just the body, but for the mind and energetic existence. The Salt Lake City yoga community is clearly fortunate he relocated to Utah!

Roger’s unique yoga classes are vigorous yet regenerative to build muscle, flexibility, and mindfulness. He also spends a lot of time creating perfectly complementary music lists to help carry you to your greatest potential in each class you take from him. You will love Rogers classes if you are interested in getting into deeper aspects of your yoga practice. The classes are fluid, balanced and will challenge perfectly to create freedom in your body, mind and soul.
Students of Roger happily rave about how much they love him. Recently a dear Centered City Yoga student chatted happily to me about how much she loves what Rogers classes do for her.
She then sent me a quote:
Roger’s yoga classes are challenging but so well paced that by the end of the class, you know that you have had a great workout and are feeling both relaxed and energized.  Quite a powerful combination!  ~D. Caldwell
I highly recommend you try Rogers classes. His current schedule:
Power Stretch Vinyasa 7:15-8:30PM

Power 1 & 2 8:45-10:00PM


Power 1 & 2 6:00-7:15PM

Power Stretch Vinyasa 7:45-9:00PM

Link to Roger’s weekly classes 

      ~Love, Rachel