Teacher Highlight ~ Chris Timmins!


Teacher Highlight ~ Chris Timmins! Centered City Yoga is fortunate to have the best teachers in Utah sharing their expertise with each student. Our teachers create divine beauty in every direction, while working from incredibly deep places of their hearts. So many are quiet in their ways of it, through voice, yet they are shine like the sun in heart and action! I love to highlight our teachers and what they offer not only our amazing yoga family, but also beyond to all they reach in their various paths of life! This month I am delighted to highlight divinely talented musician, knowledgeable teacher, and one of the best humans on this planet, Chris Timmins!

Chris Timmins is a man of many talents and varied interests. He weaves thoughtful yoga classes winding together teachings for the soul, while also intelligently seaming the body into balance, in both strength and flexibility.

A phenomenal musician, Chris plays as one with the guitar, drums, jawharps, walkabout dulcimer, and pretty much anything that shakes, rattles and rolls! I have been dropping hints to (or really begging!) Chris to offer a Friday yoga and music night for months! If this happens, you must come! He is so very talented. His love of music is profound. He is heading to the Telluride Jazz Festival later this year, and he is taking his parents!

Any great musician also loves going to concerts and enjoying the work of other artists. In perfect sync, Chris loves going to concerts and shaking his tail feather or banging his head to the rhythms! He wanted to share a favorite song with you, so here you go!

Chris was born to travel. His birthplace was in Dallas, Texas. At age 7 he moved to Denver, then London, and then New Orleans! Yet he graduated high school in Connecticut! He attended college in Durango, CO and Olympia, WA. From there he was on to San Francisco, then Talent, OR, then Ashland, OR, after which he came full circle back to Dallas. And then to Jackson, Mississippi where he discovered yoga! Now he has lived in Salt Lake for 7 years. If you want to learn what brought Chris to Salt Lake City, certainly attend his Monday 5:45pm Power 1 & 2 class and ask him!

Clearly travel is in his blood. As often as possible Chris sets out to see more facets of this world. His favorite travel activities are scuba diving and practicing yoga with people he’s never met until that moment!

He is also an avid sports fan (Go Jazz!), and especially the Dallas Cowboys (he says please don’t hate him for this!) and the Dallas Stars hockey team. As a child he played soccer, football and tennis as a kid.

Chris embodies a beautiful perspective of yoga. He lives what he teaches, and the energy of the studio when you walk in for practice mirrors this. He truly believes yoga is for everyone and is much more than just the physical practice. In addition to learning asana led by breath, you will receive a sweet lesson of philosophy and spiritual traditions of yoga he expertly winds into his classes.

I thoroughly love having Chris teach at Centered City Yoga. We are incredibly fortunate to have this humble human share his knowledge. I highly recommend you take his classes and enjoy a full spectrum practice that will balance even the most challenging of days.

Chris believes strongly in helping those in need. His favorite charity is Aqua Share