Our premier teacher training programs set the standard in Utah

Taught by Utah’s highest qualified and most gifted experienced yoga teachers. Serious students of yoga wishing teacher, or simply to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga, will appreciate the transformational experience and instruction of our introductory program. Yoga practitioners with the intention to become teachers are guaranteed to improve their own practice, while learning to teach safe, balanced and inspiring classes.

Teachers who have completed their introductory programs can take teaching to a deeper, more advanced level with our 300-hour program, led by some of the most experienced teachers and trainers in Salt Lake City, as well as visiting master teachers. Teaching skill is refined via practice teaching both in-studio and our surrounding community. This program has been carefully crafted to ensure that teachers gain advanced knowledge of anatomy, sequencing, adjusting, cuing, philosophy and lineages, while also weaving yoga practices into every aspect of life. We bring yoga to all people.

200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  1. DATES
  2. February 22-24
  3. March 15-17
  4. April 5-7 Special Workshop at Centered City Yoga w/Nicolai Bachman
  5. April 12-14 (in St. George, UT)
  6. May 17-19

300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training
  1. DATES
  2. April 5-7, Includes workshop w/Nicolai Bachman!
  3. May 10-12
  4. June 11-16, 5-day retreat
  5. June 28-30
  6. July 12-14
  7. August 23-25
  8. September 13-15
  9. October 18-20
  10. November 15-17