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Centered City Yoga, established in 2003 by D’ana Baptiste, is the fruition of a dream. D’ana was deeply inspired to create a place where people could practice yoga together in a friendly, clean, fun and welcoming atmosphere. The studio is often likened to that famous T.V. “hangout” where everybody know your name, sans Norm (and the beer, of course.) It’s a place where friends meet, where everyone feels included, and where families do yoga together. As soon as you enter the doors of CCY, you will feel like you have found a sane and safe corner of the world.

Centered City Yoga is well known for it’s incredibly talented, professional, and devoted (both to yoga and to the clientele) teachers, none of whom take themselves too seriously. They all genuinely love teaching yoga, but don’t take their identity from teaching. Centered City Yoga instructors are first and foremost “regular people..” dads and moms, musicians and mechanics, doctors and dancers, artists and attorneys. They teach yoga not to define their lives, but because they have seen the good it can do in their busy and full lives, and hope to share those benefits with you.


Our passion for what we do transfers into our classes.

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