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200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and Mentorship
Fall 2018 – Begins this September!



Centered City Yoga

At Centered City Yoga our students discover a practice they love and to cultivate a path to peace and presence. All who share their practice at our beautiful studio fall in love with the kind-hearted community inspired within, and beyond our studio. We seek to assist all students to connect to their inner guide and encourage trust and personal growth on their journey as they discover their own authentic selves.

Centered City Yoga offers all individuals a safe, inviting, comfortable space to learn and practice yoga. As a studio we are committed to teaching, healing and guiding. Our Yoga Soul teacher training and mentoring programs takes that promise even deeper. Owned and loved by husband and wife, Eric Martin and Rachel Cieslewicz, Centered City Yoga stands as a place for choosing happiness, planting seeds of love and abundance, practicing yoga, meditating, laughing, traveling, spending time with family and friends, learning new things, being consciously grateful and helping those in need. We welcome you to our amazing community!

Om shanti shanti shanti.
Rachel & Eric

Our passion for what we do transfers into our classes.

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