$45 Unlimited Yoga For A Month

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new students only

New to Yoga?

Each of us was once a beginner to yoga. To maintain a quality practice, we always arrive with a mind and heart of a beginner, even if we have practiced for years! Open to learning, humility of a practice of service to ourself, while allowing that service to then extend to all we meet. Come as you are, we'll meet you there!

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Inside Our Studio

Welcome to your yoga home. Upon entering, please remove shoes and check-in with front desk staff. We have three lovely yoga shalas. Earth, quiet and grounding is downstairs. Heart, synergistic with caring embodiment is street level. Crown, upstairs is our natural light-filled studio, created with the energy of the Sun.

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Our Classes

We offer myriad classes. Everything from quiet and grounding, to strong and like the sun! Try many classes and teachers, and discover what feels like home to you. We recommend choosing some stronger classes, along with some of the quiet nature, to feel the balance rise through your being over time.

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Upcoming Workshops

We work diligently to bring yoga leaders from all over the world to your studio to teach deep aspects of yoga we cannot teacher in shorter classes. Attend, and embrace the lessons gifted by these yogis. The circle is beautiful when we support these great teachers, and they in turn share their timeless wisdom of yoga.

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Yoga Teacher Training and Mentorship

Spring 2019 – Begins February!

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Centered City Yoga

Centered City Yoga cultivates the space for each student to discover a practice they love, as a path to peace and presence. All who share their practice with our beautiful studio fall in love with the kind-hearted community inspired within, and beyond our studio.

We seek to assist each soul to connect to their inner guide, and encourage trust and personal growth on their journey, as they discover their own authentic self. We endeavor to create space for all, as they set forth to embrace and live their own greatest human potential. Our intention is to help those seeking to experience the quintessential freedom to exemplify the person they were born to be. By reaching out with acceptance to all, we dedicate our lives to healing humanity as a whole.  We understand each human has their own story and walks through their own unique life.

Owned and loved by heart-centered husband and wife, Eric Martin and Rachel Cieslewicz, Centered City Yoga aspires to maintain a safe and harmonious community inspired environment, where all are welcome. We believe in choosing happiness, planting seeds of love and abundance, practicing yoga, meditating, laughing, traveling, spending time with family and friends, learning new things, being consciously grateful and helping those in need. Come and join us now. You are home.

Om shanti shanti shanti.
Rachel & Eric